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Russian Gate

“There are legions of scamps, who have the state on the tip of their tongue and a cake with public filling in their heads,” - Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin wrote. It has been more than hundred years since he said that, yet the situation remains the same. Corruption has been one of the most severe issues of Russian society. Everyone knows what it leads to: looted hospitals, delays of salaries and pensions, collapse of science and education, fake examinations, which lead to loss of human lives, and other.

Corruption is evil, terrifying with its ordinariness and regularity. Living in corrupt society, it is very difficult not to get under pressure and not to start playing by the common rules. This fact makes it very important to start speaking openly about committed crimes and punishment of people who committed those crimes. Remember the Watergate scandal?  US President Nixon had to resign after the incident with listening devices, despite his wide public support at the elections two years earlier. American scholar Samuel Huntington wrote about it: 


Press played the key role in this case, as no other institution, group or combination of institutions in the history of the US had managed to remove the President from his office after two years of elections. And it happened despite the fact of being supported by majority of citizens and being one of the most prominent political leaders in the American history.

It was heavy coverage that helped to attract public attention to illegal actions and to remind politicians that all citizens are equal before the law. Nowadays, living in the Internet era, it became more difficult to cover crimes. We believe, that our project can change the situation in our country for the better.

We are telling about the most important events of the last years and days. In addition, you can find detailed and comprehensive journalists’ investigations of the past events, which are still relevant.

What has happened 20 years ago? What did it lead to? How can it affect the future? From the Kursk submarine case to the Vostochniy cosmodrome: we will not hide anything that we have found out.