Classified Procurements: Which State Companies Will Buy Golden Toilets at Taxpayers’ Expense?

The State Duma plans to allow some state structures not to publish their state purchases. Russiangate analyzed the list and found out who and what for can hide his spending now.

In total, there are 126 state structures and companies that can decide not to disclose their spending. The main security department – the FSB – is also here, as well as the Foreign Intelligence Service, and the main department of the Ministry of Defense.

Among the banks, there are the structures of Yuri Kovalchuk (part of the close entourage of the Russian President). Moreover, banks registered or having offices in the Crimea can decide not to disclose the relevant information. For example, the bank RNKB, which belongs to the Federal Property Management Agency: it was established after the events of 2014 and conducts operations on the territory of the republic. Also, the list includes the banks owned by the Rothenberg brothers (also part of the President's inner circle).

There are banks which are already on the list of organizations against which the US Ministry of Finance imposed sanctions for their actions in the Crimea. One of them is the bank TAATTA registered in Yakutia. Nobody was interested in the bank's activities until it got into the American sanctions list. It turned out that it issues bank guarantees to the FSB, the governments of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Rostov Region.

The Bank for International Settlements is also an interesting one on the list. It was established by JSC Forward. The latter, in turn, is a member of PJSC RBC – RosBusinessConsulting. As usual, the structure ends in an offshore zone: at the moment, RBC is owned by JSC Cotol Project and offshore company Halverston Holdings Limited in the British Virgin Islands. Sotol is associated with the structures of Grigory Berezkin, the owner of the ESN.

In the transport list, there is the terminal A in Sheremetyevo, the Crimean railway, oil carriers. In the military-industrial complex, there are mainly subsidiaries of Rostech (Sergei Chemezov). Also among the “lucky ones” one can find transport and logistics companies of the Crimean businessman Dmitry Purim.

The list revealed a few more interesting details. For example, the plant Massandra and the sanatorium Nizhnyaya Oreanda belong to the President's Administration. Also, Alexander Zaldostanov, the leader of Night Wolves and Gennady Prigozhin – “Putin’s chief” and the head of the “troll factory” in St. Petersburg received preferences.

The full list of companies is available below:

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