New Year's State Purchases: Table Cover, Caviar and Rap

Peeping at the tenders, we’re unpacking the gifts before the holiday

If you do not want to chip in for the New Year's corporate party, work for the state bodies. Holidays here are celebrated at the expense of the state budget, and the gifts are bought from a single supplier. Russiangate found holiday state purchases: “Christmas trees” for officials and other interesting gifts.


The Ministry of Defense decided to indulge in a gift worth 28 million rubles for the New Year’s Eve. In early December, the military department placed an order for the purchase of a “tablecloth”. The federal budget will finance the purchase, it is written in the documentation. 11 military units – from Khabarovsk to the Crimea – will receive tablecloths.   


Russian National Guard’s FSUE Okhrana (Security) has spent 20.8 million rubles on New Year's gifts. They will be given to the children of employees of the regional branches of the enterprise. The price of one gift is 995 rubles. According to the technical requirements, the gifts will be packed in “suitcases”.

In them, children will find a game of tic-tac-toe with “playful muzzles, which display different emotions – joy, surprise, dodge.” There will also be sweets, “photoprop sets” – carnival cardboard masks, “mood calendars”, as well as encyclopedias about dogs with augmented reality: there are labyrinths, crossword puzzles and “exploration games” there.


FSUE All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) ordered delivery of New Year's gifts for employees of the TV channel Russia. The way of purchase is from a single supplier, so the technical task of the VGTRK has not been placed. It’s not possible to look inside the gift packages: everything that is indicated in the purchase card – services for the trade of alcoholic beverages. The company dependent on budget subsidies spent 5.7 million rubles on alcohol.


The Presidential Administration was preparing for the winter holidays since September. Then, the department placed an order for services for a ceremonial reception on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve for the members of the State Council of the Russian Federation. The interior decoration and refreshments for the reception for the participants and journalists cost 4.7 million rubles.

In December, another presidential department announced a tender for the purchase of elite alcohol worth a total of 1.5 million rubles. The FSBI of the President's Affairs Department, Food Production Facility Kremlevsky, ordered 62 kinds of alcoholic beverages. Among them, apart from the vodka Kremlevka for 284 rubles per bottle, there is also 18-year-old whiskey Macallan for 12 thousand rubles, Hennessy brandy for 12,5 thousand rubles and champagne Don Perignon for the same price.

The presidential departments are also provided with appetizers. In December, Food Production Facility No. 4 placed an order for the supply of food. 1.5 million rubles will be spent on black and red caviar, crab meat, as well as fish – muksun and omul.


The Russian diplomats will also properly celebrate. In December, FSUE called the Main Production and Commercial Department for Servicing the Diplomatic Corps under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs placed an order for the organization of the New Year's Eve celebration in the recreation complex Zavidovo. This is one of the suburban areas of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: it is located in the Tver Region on the Volga bank next to the President’s official residence Rus.

The night party for the diplomats will cost the budget 3.6 million rubles. According to the terms of the orders, it will begin an hour and a half before the chime of bells and will last until five in the morning. Moreover, it is going to be a theme party – it is devoted to cinema. In one of the halls, there will be special photo-zones with costumes. Animators, musicians with “live sound”, a “burlesque show”, fireworks and Santa Claus are going to entertain the guests.


The Ministry of Economic Development summed up the results of the year for 9.8 million rubles. On December 1, the final conference of the Ministry took place in the concert hall of Crocus City Hall. After the official part of the conference, rapper Basta performed for the officials. The event was attended by Minister Maxim Oreshkin, his deputies and government officials. The source of funding for the New Year conference was the federal budget.

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