Rating: Income of Ministry of Transport officials

As usual the head minister is not wealthiest member of his department, according to documents

The Transport Minister doesn’t own his own vehicle, but uses his subordinates’ foreign real estate and garden houses. Russiangate analyzed the incomes of officials responsible for solving Russia’s transport problems.

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov reported 6.2 million rubles in revenue in 2016 as well as owning a ½ share of an apartment (127 sq.m.), as well as shares in two non-residential premises (​​614 and 647 sq.m.). Maxim Sokolov does not have his own vehicle and has not declared one since 2012, when he became a minister.


The wealthiest employee of the Ministry of Transport was Shirukhan Gadzhimuradov,  deputy director of the department of state policy in the field of automobile and urban passenger transport. His annual income was 21.4 million rubles and his spouse reported 102,000 rubles.

Gadzhimuradov owns two land plots (their total area is 960 sq. m.), a dwelling house (23 sq. m.), two non-residential houses (61 and 48 sq. m.) and an apartment (56 sq. m.). In his use, he has another apartment (101 sq. m.) and a plot of land (2000 sq. m.). For transportation, the wealthiest employee of the ministry owns a Mercedes-Benz E200.


In the second place, was the head of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport Victor Olersky with an income of 17.1 million rubles. He owns real estate in Belgium, ½ share of the land area (​​2066 sq.m.) and ½ share of a residential building (369 sq.m.). He owns them together with his wife, who also has a land plot in Finland (28,800 sq.m.). She declared income of 4.1 million rubles.

In Russia, the official has ½ share of an apartment (233 sq.m.) and an apartment (216 sq.m.). Another house (​​212 sq.m.) is in his use. According to the declaration, Olersky has four parking spots and one Nissan Patrol. The official’s wife has two more cars, a Volkswagen 7HM Multivan and Mercedes Benz ML400.


A similar amount, 17 million rubles, was reported by Konstantin Palnikov, the head of the federal autonomous institution Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, subordinated to the Ministry of Transport. This institution conducts technical supervision over vessels and issues documents to them.

In Konstantin Palnikov’s property there are two apartments with a total area of ​​107 square meters and he does not own any vehicles. His wife’s annual income was 852,000 rubles.

Ilya Gudkov, head of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rostransmodernizaciya declared 16.7 million rubles in 2016. His enterprise is responsible for the implementation of the federal target program "Modernization of the transport system of Russia" for 2010-2020 and acts as a state customer to it. Ilya Gudkov also does not own any vehicles.

He declared a land plot (1200 sq. m.), a house (170 sq. m.) and shares in two non-residential premises (98 and 124 sq. m.). Another three apartments with a total area of ​​502 square meters are in Gudkov's use. His spouse’s income was 1.8 million rubles.


Another official connected with water transport placed fifth; the head of the FAI Russian River Register, Evgeny Trunin, declared 12.1 million rubles in income and he owns four plots with a total area of ​​5,609 square meters, three dwellings (1016 sq. m.) and a "garden house" (212 sq. m.). Evgeni Trunin drives a Mercedes-Benz ML-350.

His wife is the wealthiest employee relative from the Ministry of Transport. Her income for 2016 amounted to 19.9 million rubles. She owns a land plot (2001 sq. m.) and four apartments (their total area is 583 sq. m.). She also owns a garage, four parking spaces and two cars, a Mercedes-Benz GL-350 and Mercedes-Benz GLE-450.

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