Who are the Wealthiest at the Ministry of Construction and Housing?

How much do the officials responsible for Russia’s housing problems earn?

Housing and construction services are a sore subject for Russia, however, the incomes of the officials from the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services are not that high. However, in 2016 their accounts were replenished with housing construction subsidies. Russiangate found out which employees of the ministry had the highest income.

The Minister of Housing and Construction Services, Mikhail Men, reported less than his subordinates. In 2016, his official income was 11.8 million rubles.

Minister Men owns two land plots with a total area of ​​5000 sq. m., an apartment (122 sq. m.), a summer house (1105 sq. m.) and a garage. Another land plot (4190 sq. m.) and an apartment house (272 sq. m.) are at his use. The Minister owns three vehicles, a Jaguar Daimler car, a BRP CAN-AM RD Spyder F3 LTD 1330 ACE tri-wheel motorcycle and an Arctic Cat TRV 700 Limited ATV.

The wealthiest relative of the ministry's employees was Men’s wife, Elena Nalimova. She declared 51.5 million rubles in income and owns two apartments with a total area of ​​165 square meters, a garage and a Land Rover Range Rover. Two land plots (a total area of ​​5000 sq. m.) and a dacha (1105 sq. m.) are also in her use.


 According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Elena Nalimova owns several companies: Valovaya 50 LLC, Triumph-Fly LLC and Art Project LLC. All three companies are engaged in "leasing and management of real estate." She is also the director of the Alexander Men Humanitarian Charity Foundation, named after the father of the minister.

The wealthiest employee of the Ministry of Construction was Assistant Minister Ivan Kalashnikov. His annual income was 19.6 million rubles. As stated in the declaration, 9.9 million rubles from the amount of income is a subsidy for the purchase of a dwelling area.

At the same time, the assistant minister owns two land plots with a total area of ​​2,555 sq.m., two residential houses (259 sq.m.) and an apartment (97 sq. m.). Another apartment (72 sq. m.) is at the official's disposal. Kalashnikov owns a Toyota Land Cruiser 200.


In second place at the ministry was Natalia Bogomolova, deputy chief of the FAI "Main Department of State Expertise" who declared an income of 18.7 million rubles. She also owns four apartments with a total area of ​​317 square meters, and another (54 sq. M.) is in her use. She also owns a BMW X6 and a parking place.

Her boss, head of the "Main Directorate of State Expertise" Igor Manylov, took third place, with his income in 2016 amounting to 18.6 million rubles. He owns two land plots (total area - 2700 sq. m.), two residential houses (289 sq. m.), an apartment (112 sq.m.), a parking spot and a Honda VFR 1200 motorcycle. A dacha (286 sq.m.) is in the official's use.

Igor Manylov was appointed to this post in 2015. Prior to that, he worked as Deputy Minister of Agriculture and his income in 2013 was 3.9 million rubles.


Yuri Gordeyev, director of the Finance Department for the Ministry of Construction declared a similar amount, 18.5 million rubles, of which 16.9 million rubles was a subsidy for the purchase of a residential space. Gordeev does not own any property. However, he uses an apartment (74 sq.m.), also used by his children and Gordeev’s spouse, who declared 2 million rubles in revenue and a Mazda CX-5.

In fifth for 2016 was Alexander Vasyukov, the former director of the FAI Roscapstroy. In July 2017, his place was taken by Nikolai Tsiganov, a member of the Presidium "Russia's Supports" and an expert for the All-Russian People's Front.


Vasyukov declared income of 17.9 million rubles in 2016. He owns a land plot (1500 sq.m.) and ¼ share of an apartment (68 sq.m.) . Vasyukov also owns two cars, a Jaguar XK and Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

In 2013, Slon.ru (now Republic - ed. note) wrote about the conflict of interest associated with his family. At the time, the company "Sport Engineering", headed by Vasyukov, was the developer of seven stadiums for the World Cup, which should be held in 2018. While his wife's bank, Vega-Bank, was chosen to place security deposits in tenders for the construction of stadiums. In the 2016 declaration, Alexander Vasyukov did not provide information about his wife's income.

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