Corruption weekly news: May 2-5

May 2. Son of the deputy Prime minister Dmitry Rogozin Alexei appointed the general director of the Ilyushin aircraft-building JSC. He inherited the post of Sergei Velmozhkin who stepped down for unknown motives. Before that appointment, Alexei Rogozin, 33, was in charge of transport aviation in the Defense ministry.

Investigative Committee opens a criminal case in Voronezh over the large-scale fraud amounting to 20 mln rub. Investigators suspect the officials in the city administration of transferring the city property to a construction company. The company started building a high-rise but the neighbours had protested and the governor Alexei Gordeev demanded to stop the works.

May 3. Media report that the former head of the Mostovik company Oleg Shilov, who ended his prison term for 1-bln-rub embezzlement during construction of the oceanarium in Vladivistok, resumes his career at the construction works of the bridge across the Kerch strait as an advisor. Shilov himself denies these reports.  The Prosecutor General’s office halts forest illegal cutting in the Leningrad region and opened a criminal case under the “Large-scale fraud attempt” article. The cutting had been authorized by the regional government. The damage incurred has been calculated at 408 mln rub.

A criminal case opened against the head of the property department in Yalta. Investigators believe that in 2015 she embezzled 2.3 bln rub from that Crimean city’s budget due to negligence and distortion of the laws.

Deputy mayor of Tikhvin (Leningrad region) Yuri Shorokhov detained in his office. Investigators suspect him of stealing 17 mln rubles the city had received in january 2013 - December 2015. A criminal case under the “Fraud” article has been opened.

May 4. Sixteen officials in the Dagestan branch of the federal treasury disciplined for violation of the anti-corruption legislation. The prosecutors found out the officials had submitted false income and property declarations.

May 5. The National intellectual development Foundation (Innopraktika) publishes reports about its spending in 2016. The foundation belongs to Katerina Tikhonova, who is believed to be Vladimir Putin’s daughter. The foundation spent 646 mln rub, 332 mln out of that amount went for “target events”, 133 mln for “other spending”, 85 mln for salaries, 33 mln for taxation.

In 2015, the foundation spent 411.6 mln rub, and in 2014 its expenses amounted to 281 mln rub. The foundation has been financed from state contracts and contributions from the unidentified sources.

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