Corruption weekly: April 17-21

Corruption weekly news: 17-21 April

April 17. A criminal case opened against deputy government of Oryol region Stanislav Grebenshikov over the power abuse charges. The official has ordered to pay 14 mln rubles ($254,500) to the Stroiinvestkomplekt Ltd, although he knew it beforehand that the money would be spent for other purposes.

April 18. Former deputy head of the Russian tourism agency Rosturism Dmitry Amunts sentenced to seven years in prison for withdrawing 28.4 bln rubles from the International industrial bank. In 2004-2008, Amunts worked in the Culture ministry and then headed the OPK Development Ltd owned by the Tuva former senator Sergei Pugachyov (he is the bank’s major beneficiary). The Investigative Committee charged the both men as well as the bank’s BoD ex-chairman Alexander Didenko of a large-scale embezzlement. In August 2014, Amunts and Didenko were arrested. In 2015, Didenko was sentenced to three years in prison.

April 19. Court arrested 63 mln rubles, 1 mln euro and $350,000 found in the apartment of the son of the FSO ex-General Gennady Lopyrev. The General has been under arrest since Nov 26, 2016 over charges of taking large-scale bribes (worth 6.27 mln rubles) from businessmen.

April 20. Two men detained in St-Petersburg over the case of embezzlement of 20 mln rubles ($363,000) in the Defense ministry. The suspects signed a 390-mln-ruble state contract on supply of 90 car tanks. But the entrepreneurs have saved on the quality of the tanks, thus pocketing 20 mln rubles. The court has arrested seven cars worth 30 mln rubles, different valuables worth 3 mln rubles and 7.8 mln rubles in cash.

In Volgograd, entrepreneur Alexander Munin sentenced to seven years for fraud and documents forging. In 2014, the non-commercial foundation contributed 20 mln rubles ($363,000) for beautification of a street. Munin acted as a contractor. In April 2015, he reported that the works had been completed but had increased his expenses by 2.1 mln rubles. The roads have still been up.

Criminal case opened against the unidentified officials of the Moscow labor and social protection department over the negligence charges after 14 school students died in June 2016 while rafting in Karelia.

April 21. Criminal case opened against the director of construction department in the Aeroflot airline. The official has been suspected of stealing a bribe intended to be given to a judge.

The investigators believe that in November 2014 a Moscow’s company filed a lawsuit against the Aeroflot demanding to reimburse 120 mln rubles for energy supplies. The court upheld the claim. To revoke the ruling, the Energoholding founders decided to bribe the judge with the Aeroflot’s official offered his mediation. Instead of passing the money to the judge, he has pocketed it.

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