Corruption weekly: April 24-28

Corruption weekly news: April 24-28

This week, the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika named the damage incurred by the corruption-related crimes in 2016. His report says that 32,924 such crimes have been detected in Russia the last year (up 1.4% compared to 2015) with the damage exceeding 78 mln rub.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the day earlier that Russia has made good progress in fighting corruption and highlighted “visible achievements” in the anti-corruption law making.

April 24. New anti-corruption bills introduced in the State Duma. The lawmakers propose to enrich the Criminal Code with the article “Illegal enrichment” (which applies if the assets of an official exceed his/her income by 5 mln rub, just under $100,000).

April 25. Volgograd court arrests in absentee former MP (Just Russia party) Oleg Mikheev over charges of embezzlement of over 2 bln rub. The judge issued a search warrant. The investigators believe that in 2007 Mikheev forged financial documents about the Volgoprombank owing to him 2.1 bln rub and has claimed the non-existing debt in a court in 2011.

April 26. In Astrakhan, the head of the regional transportation department Vasily Savonin detained for taking bribe of 1.2 mln rub. He has allegedly accepted the money to remove competitors of the bribe-giver.

Head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov admits he had once given a bribe to the Russian educational watchdog Rosobrnadzor, when he was the head of the university: “Although I always used to be against (bribery), I was coerced to give them “just a little bit” to pass the efficiency test successfully”.

The State Duma prepares to render Crimea an offshore zone. MP (Just Russia) Alexei Chepa proposed to create trust companies in the peninsula to secure anonymity of the investors and beneficiaries thus making them immune from the Western sanctions. The bill has not been introduced to the parliament so far.

April 27. Moscow city court sentences former chief of the Interior ministry’s anti-corruption department Denis Sugrobov to 22 years in prison for creation of a criminal ring and 14 counts of power abuse. The investigators say Sugrobov and his accomplices have periodically forged operational materials against the high-ranking officials and businessmen. The accomplices thus attempted to make impression of their successful work pursuing their personal interests.

Khabarovsk regional prosecutor takes to court materials against three former officials: former construction minister Andrei Skomorokhov, deputy head of the regional government Sergei Ignatovich and federal inspector Vitaly Lukyanchuk. They have been suspected of power abuse, violation of the ban to run business, illegal acquirement of 1 mln rub, bribery and prevention to participation in a state tender to one of the bid makers.

Criminal case opened against the director of Yakutia-Saha Gosokhotnadzor over charges of documents forge which has incurred damage of 2.2 mln rub. The money was paid for wolve’s  sanitary hunting but the official and eight his acquaintances spent the funds for their entertainment.

In Orenburg, a criminal case opened against the head of a house managing company suspected of embezzlement of 12.5 mln rub. The official has been suspected of spending the money for her personal needs.

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