Dirty hands of Kazan lawmaker

How a member of Kazan city’s council was delivering a bribe of 24 mln rubles

The leader of the United Russia’s faction in the Kazan city Duma, a director of the Moidodyr-Kazan cleaning agency Nadyr Khairullin detained for mediation in giving a bribe of 24 mln rubles. Katerina Karaseva has more.

Nadyr Khairullin, 63, has been suspected of intermediation in the giving a bribe of 24 mln rub. He declines the allegations. The court arrested him until June 10.

Khairullin was detained on April 26 after the interrogation in the Investigative Committee. The criminal case was opened on April 10 under the “Fraud” article. Initially, the suspects had not been identified but on April 21 the investigators started to suspect the United Russia’s member.

According to the operatives,  in 2009-2011 Kazan’s businessmen Albert and Artur Kabirovs (father and son) built three four-storey townhouses on the land plots which were not designated for the housing construction. To legitimize the houses already erected, the entrepreneurs applied to Khairullin for giving a permission required.

In December 2014, Khairullin received 24 mln rubles he allegedly should hand out to some officials in charge of issuing the permissions. The investigators do not reveal what has been Khairullin’s share in the bribe and who are the final receivers of the money.

Townhouses in question, photo – www.kazanopolis.ru

The allegations have currently been based on Kabirovs’ testimonies who participate in the criminal case as witnesses. Khairullin’s lawyer Yelena Ustratova told the court there were no other evidence against her client.

Before detention

Nadyr Khairullin has been working in the Kazan city Duma for 12 years. On May 5, the United Russia suspended his membership until the court’s ruling.

Khairullin has been known for his patriotic initiatives, photo – inkazan.ru

In 2014, the lawmaker made a splash by collecting signatures for moving the New Wave music contest from Latvia to Tatarstan. He has been active in the business too, having a share in nine companies.

Regional lawmakers are allowed to run their business as they work in the legislative assemblies part-time, photo – realnoevremya.ru

He is also a member of the non-commercial partnership The Guild of the arbitration managers. As an insolvency administrator, Khairullin had already had problems with the tax inspection and in 2009 he was barred from that job.

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