Figure of the Day: Commission


During the period of work of the Russian State Duma Commission for Monitoring the Reliability of Information on the Incomes, represented by deputies of the State Duma has gathered once, as reported by Dozhd. At their only meeting, members of the commission only got acquainted with each other and did not discuss any working issues.

Dozhd reports, there is no any scheduled meetings for the commission until the end of the spring session.

October 5, 2016, Natalia Poklonskaya, ex-prosecutor of the Crimea, was elected a chairman of the Commission for Monitoring the Reliability of Information on the Incomes.

Deputy chairman of the commission, Vladimir Pozdnyakov, said that he cannot comment on Poklonskaya's decisions, but "of course, meetings should be held."

"We need to check and analyze information published by media, we need to make official statements, to act," he stressed.

Commissioner Ernest Valeev admitted that commission of previous convocation met more often, but linked this fact with the then adopted amendments, which tightened control over the incomes of deputies.

The commission was established in 2012. According to the law "On the Commission for Monitoring the Reliability of Information on the Incomes ...", the duties of the body includes collecting declarations of deputies, verifying the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in documents. If the commission finds violations in declarations, information is sent to the chairman of the State Duma. The chairman, in turn, must organize a discussion regarding an offender.

The previous commission considered several dozens of cases, including declarations of members of United Russia Alexei Knyshov, Ilya Kostunov and Elena Nikolaeva. Knyshov, who had been found a business in Slovakia, folded his mandate voluntarily. Vasily Tolstopyatov, United Russia, who was engaged in business, also left the Duma.

After the only meeting, Poklonskaia said at a briefing with the press that the commission received several appeals regarding candidates for deputies.

"All appeals received were made with violations, since they came from a person that does not have authority to initiate an examination of the parliamentary commission. The appeals were filed regarding pre-election activities of candidates, but not the deputies, which is also a violation," Poklonskaya said.

She stressed that the appeals would be taken into account when considering details of the declaration campaign of 2017. Poklonskaya also mentioned the deputy Alexei Burnashev, on the name of whom such a complaint was filed. There is no information whether Burnashev's declaration was checked.

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