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The Yekaterinburg City Hall has placed an application for "conducting a comprehensive sociological analysis in the field of combating extremism" on the website of state procurement, reports

The maximum (initial) price of the contract is 450 thousand rubles ($7.500). For this money, the information and analytical department of the Administration of Yekaterinburg wants to get a comprehensive analysis of the "risks of deliberate directed dissemination of information contrary to the current legislation of the Russian Federation by users of social networks, blogs and forums, as well as identifying the reasons for choosing the time, information resource and method of distribution of content." 

The study should include at least 50 semi-formalized interviews and at least 10 focus groups of 20 people each. In addition, it is necessary to interview experts and make a presentation of the results obtained; this is stated in the technical task of the procurement. The sample of the study should include at least three thousand respondents. 

The application for such a study is not the first one: the administration of Yekaterinburg has already initiated such state purchases in April 2017, April 2016, and also in March and November 2015. The amounts of concluded contracts range from 250 to 458 thousand rubles. Earlier tenders were won once by Lemond LLC and Fond Razvitiya Nauchnykh Issledovaniy Tretyego Tyshyachaletiya (Foundation for the development of scientific research of the third millennium), and twice – by individual entrepreneur Yershov Andrey Alexandrovich. 

The head of the Third Millennium Foundation, Ilya Belous, suggested that his company prevented "someone's corrupt scheme": according to him, the Administration's contract was prepared for a ready-made study, and, as a result, it was concluded and terminated, the study did not take place.

"When I engaged the sociologists to prepare a part of the grant work, they said that the grant was clearly written for the already complete work. This is indicated by the timing, and the way the contract was registered. Nevertheless, I found the opportunity and began to perform the work. Then the mayor tried to "throw me off" the contract. She began to abuse the law and created conditions which made the further fulfillment of the contract impossible," Belous said.

In the Yekaterinburg City Hall, such a statement was called a conjecture. "The research program required further development, there was not enough time, and there was no opportunity to extend the deadline. Therefore, the contract was terminated," said the press-secretary of the Administration, Anatoly Karmanov.

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