Figure of the Day: Salary


Since July 1, 2016, the minimum wage has increased by 21% and amounted to 7500 rubles ($127). At the same time, according to budget of the lower house of parliament, salary of a deputy of the State Duma decreased by 6.7 thousand rubles (10%) and amounted to 383.9 thousand rubles ($6.500). 

According to speaker of the lower house Sergei Naryshkin, this reduction in deputies’ salary allowed to save 263 million rubles of the budget money. Thus, by the end of the year each deputy to receive only 4.6 million rubles. 

At the same time, salaries of deputies and their assistants remain the largest expense of the State Duma budget: in 2017, 4.8 billion rubles to be spent on salaries for employees.

It is not the first time the minimum wage is increased, but this sum is yet to reach minimum living wage of able-bodied population (10,678 rubles for the third quarter of 2016).

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