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The deadlines of the new building of the Mission Control Center (MCC) for Moscow in Vnukovo have been moved until October 2017, Kommersant reported. A leaking roof happened to be the reason.

In December 2016, the Commission for Operational Tests recognized the Automated Air Traffic Management System (AATMS) in the new MCC building as "fit and ready for routine operation". It is noted that the AATMS had been installed back in 2012 and has not been switched off since, while four complete failures of the old system happened between 2015 and 2016.

Nevertheless, in May, Rosaviatsiya (Russian Federation Civil Aviation Administration) refused to approve the conclusion of the commission because of "poor-quality construction works."

Almaz-Antey (Aerospace Defense Concern) is the main contractor of the MCC with Yan Valentinovich Novikov as the general director of the joint-stock company that was founded by the Ministry of Property Relations of Russia. The public procurement site had not been launched until 2014, so there is no information on the contract for MCC construction in the public domain. Kommersant found out that 3.5 billion rubles (nearly $60m) were spent on its construction, of which 2.3 billion rubles came from the budget, and 1.2 billion rubles were given by FSUE State Corporation for Air Traffic Management (State ATM Corporation, subordinate to Rosaviatsiya).

A trial between Almaz-Antey and the State ATM Corporation is underway: the state corporation claims that the MCC new building features "imperfections and flaws", "roof leakage during the snow melting period", which have not been eliminated. In May, the court ordered Almaz-Antey to perform repairs, but the firm filed an appeal.

Kommersant’s sources said at some point the top officials of the state would have to intervene to deal with the matter.

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