Quote of the Day


While touring at Innoprom exhibition in Yekaterinburg, President Vladimir Putin said he has a Mitsubishi motorcycle.

Republic wrote that there is no motorcycle in Putin's 2016 declaration or those of the previous two years.

Income information published in April 2017 with the expenses and property of the president and his family can be found on the Kremlin's website. According to the declaration, last year Vladimir Putin made 8.85 million rubles ($146.770). He also reportedly owns an apartment of 77 square meters, two GAZ M21 cars, a Niva, a trailer and a land plot of 1.500 square meters, while there is no motorcycle in the declaration.

In 2007, the CIA estimated Putin's fortune at $40 billion.

The Law on Counteracting Corruption that came into force in 2008 obliges public officials and their families to declare their income, property and liabilities. Starting from November 2015, an official may lose his or her job if he/she or his/her family failed to provide a return on income on time. 

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