Corruption Weekly: 2-6 October

Our weekly digest of the most important media investigations

October 2, Vedomosti published a story about P-Industry company (belonging to Putin's friends) becoming the largest supplier of the Russian Railways (RZD). The corporation belongs to businessman Vladimir Vasiliev. He, according to the newspaper, is connected with co-owners of the bank ‘Rossiya’, Nikolai Shamalov and Yuri Kovalchuk.

In addition, the businessman is believed to be close friend of the former head of the Railways, Vladimir Yakunin. It was logical that after the latter left his post, cooperation with the company should have ended. Last year, Vasilyev's company did not receive any contracts from RZD, but in 2017 the situation changed. This happened, because Transyuzhstroy company’s former Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing Yuri Relyan transferred most of his contracts (15.5 billion rubles) to Vasiliev.

The businessman received contracts for 19 billion rubles during this year. Thus, P-industry became the third in the amount of contracts received from RZD - after Transmashholding of Andrei Bokarev and Iskander Makhmudov (29 billion rubles) and Group of Companies 1520 of Alexei Krapivin and his partners (22 billion rubles). Relyan and his companies took the fourth place in this list.

October 3, Sobesednik had a new article about the "Putin's palace" near Gelendzhik. The newspaper found out that part of the residential complex was rented by Transneft.

Since September 21, the ‘Palace’ (or Complex, LLC) is formally managed by a certain Elena Tolokonnikova. Information about its previous manager, InvestStroy, disappeared from registries. The place was taken by Yuri Larin, the head of Remus company, connected with the matchmaker of Vladimir Putin, Nikolai Shamalov.

According to the edition, the oil company made a contract with InvestStroy in 2015. According to one of them, Transneft rented several objects, including a helicopter pad, a 1620 square meter bungalow and an amphitheater.

Transneft-Okhran and Rubin LLC are in charge of security of the complex. The latter is also engaged in security of another object of InvestStroy - former sanatorium Strela in Divnomorsky.

Also on October 3, Mediazona published investigation of fraud cases regarding maternity capital misuse. The whole story as follows: unborn babies, officials, credit cooperatives, private intermediaries, Ingush obstetric-falsifiers and other participants of the illegal scheme, which Russian large families use in order to cash out their parental subsidies.

Meduza found out a sponsor of the film Crimea, which tells about accession of the Crimea to Russia in February 2014 from the point of view of personal history of two lovers on different sides of barricades. The film cost more than blockbuster by Fyodor Bondarchuk, the Attraction, and from the very first days after the premiere, the picture was accused of cheating ratings on movie sites. The publication described in detail what version of the events in the Crimea Pimanov set out (and how it relates to what actually happened in 2014), who financed the film and how it is promoted.

Fontanka found out how much animators pretending to be Queen Catherine or Peter I earn. Without mentioning the names, Fontanka asked animators for checks for photo services. So, one check was issued by Tatiana Shepilova's individual entrepreneur company, a founder of a drama theater and an actress. The company on the check was registered in 2004. Yet according to the register. There is no information on services of animators. Main activity of the company is law and accounting services, as well as advertising and engineering design, tells the publication about St. Petersburg's photo business.

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