Corruption Weekly: 9-13 October

Our weekly digest of the most important media investigations

October 9, The Village found out that the company Europark won 2.5 billion rubles tender for Moscow streets landscaping. Shortly before that, journalists found unremoved corrections in a technical task of the contest left by a user under the name Yuri Todets. This is the name of a director for landscaping and greening of the company. In other words, Europark’s manager edited the technical task two weeks before its publication and one and a half months before announcement of results of the competition.

Novaya Gazeta covered a story of struggle between Chelyabinsk citizens and Tominsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant near the city: daily pickets next to the regional administration, petitions, complaints to the prosecutor's office, courts, even a fight with the plant’s security, threats to initiate criminal cases against the activists.

The Russian Copper Company, building a plant, unites 13 mining and metallurgical enterprises. Co-owners of the company are two Cypriot offshore firms. Tominsky Mining and Processing Plant is also registered in Cyprus.

Construction of the plant was launched by Governor Boris Dubrovsky, who became the head of the region in 2014. Before him, this post was held by Mikhail Yurevich - it was he who signed a decree on changing a status of a forest park zone to a territory of the future plant. In March of this year, a case on bribery was initiated against the ex-governor. Investigation believes that he received 3.4 billion rubles from local businessmen for "actions that are part of his official powers, as well as for general patronage."

Medizona has published a long rid about Nizhny Novgorod politics in the early 2000s: "In a few minutes, strangers managed to put Novoselov into the back seat of a black Mercedes. They sat near him and fastened handcuffs on him. "You scream - I shoot," - warned a man sitting on the left, taking out a phone. "It's all right, we're going," he said on the phone. The car started off. When the car drove out on the highway, Novoselov realized that the car was driving out of the city - multistoried buildings changed to one-story private sector outside the window, and asphalt to a dirt road. An hour later, the Mercedes stopped in forest. Walking through it, Novoselov remembered where he had seen this car before - on the territory of the Start factory, where security guards from a firm of businessman Zeldin worked. Another entrepreneur, co-owner of the Start and one of the richest people of the city Oleg Sorokin, often came on this Mercedes.

October 11, Fontantka published a story about a landfill near the the Gulf of Finland. Journalists tried to understand what is going here: officials claim that businessmen pour construction waste into the sea, while businessmen say that this city entered their territory. Government, business, offshores – all that we like.

On Friday, October 13, Republic published a text about Grigory Baevsky, a partner of the Rothenberg brothers, billionaires and old acquaintances of Vladimir Putin.

The businessman came under attention of the media in March last year, when the OCCRP told that Putin's alleged daughter Katerina Tikhonova was registered in his apartment. In addition, Baevsky also provided the graduate of Moscow State University posing for the erotic calendar for Putin, as well as a sister and a grandmother of ex-gymnast Alina Kabaeva with housing,

Journalist Ilya Rozhdestvensky draws attention to the fact that scandalous investigations do not influence Bayevsky's business. For example, his company Green City is preparing Luzhniki Moscow stadium for the World Cup. According to estimates of Republic, it cost 36.6 billion rubles to the city budget, 3.3 billion of which Raevsky received. Green City company has signed contracts for 5.4 billion rubles, which is even more than before the moment of the publication.

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