Corruption Weekly: November 13 - 17

Russiangate publishes digest of the most important media investigations.

November 13, Dozhd TV channel came out with a report on the “house of Putin's friends" in Schvedsky lane in Moscow, one of the most expensive buildings in Moscow. The cost of the apartments in this house reaches 1 billion rubles. Among the inhabitants of the house are former and current officials, big businessmen and pop stars. The report revealed that the alleged son of entrepreneur Gennady Timchenko sold a 200 sq.m. apartment in the building to the daughter of the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin (or at least her full namesake).

November 14, Aleksei Navalny published an investigation in his blog, based on documents from the Paradise Papers. The politician drew attention to the activity of businessman Alisher Usmanov, who benefited on the shares of Facebook illegally using budget money.

On November 15, Dozhd released a documentary about "Putin's confessor", Bishop Tikhon Shevkunov, who has very close relations with the President. The film tells that the Bishop has complained to Putin about the work of theater director Kirill Serebrennikov during private meetings. In addition, FSB, which carries out the investigation of the case, has informal relations with the Sretensky Monastery located next to Lubyanka (FSB's building). This 'friendship' started when Putin headed the intelligence service.

Main tips of the investigation by Dozhd TV channel you can find in our article.

RBC journalists have made a research of consequences of underground trade reform in Moscow. The reform has sharply reduced areas of trading, their cost has increased dramatically. All this forced sellers to start running their business illegally.

"When the trading started, the market was in panic, so the stakes were wild. People went crazy, as they wanted to go back into business, no matter at what cost. There was a kind of chaos: bad pavilion, very inefficient from the economic point of view, its cost was huge only because of people taking part in the auction and getting excited. Some auctions lasted for 12-13 hours. We managed to rent only five pavilions in the metro and five in pedestrian crossings. Of these, only two operate in the metro, another four - in pedestrian crossings, we had to give up the others," said one of the entrepreneurs.

November 16, Novaya Gazeta told why denunciations on the European University of St. Petersburg, which was recently deprived of the license, look suspicious. First, all the complaints were written almost at the same time. Secondly, deputies who allegedly handed them over do not remember anything, and one of the informers honestly admitted that they "asked" him to file a complaint.

The publication links the ‘attack’ on the university with its building - the Palace of Count Kushelev-Bezborodko, which is in possession of the city. Next door is a house with elite apartments of 200 million rubles worth each. This building is connected with Ilya Yeliseyev, a classmate of Medvedev and the head of the famous Dar foundation.

Russiangate has published a detailed story about the mansion last year.

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