Rating: How Much Russian Air Transport Agency Officials Earn?

Millions first, air transport— later

Alexander Schukin is the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) official who earned more than anyone in 2016 – 7.9 million rubles. He holds the post of deputy head of the department of financial security, budget planning and reporting.

Shchukin’s property includes a cottage (70 sq. M.) and a plot of land (1200 sq. m.). His wife owns 1/8 of a flat (62.1 sq. m.). The remaining shares – 7/8 – of this apartment belong to Shchukin's minor son. The kid also managed to earn more than his father in 2016 – 9.7 million rubles.

Shchukin does not own motor vehicles, but he has a trailer МZSА 817715, intended for the transportation of ATVs and snowmobiles, despite the fact that the family does not own any. His wife has a UAZ and Nissan Qashqai registered in her name.

Deputy head of Rosaviatsia Mikhail Bulanov with an income of 2.9 million rubles is the second wealthiest employee of the Agency. In 2016, the official’s wife earned 170 thousand rubles.

Bulanov declared two houses (190.4 sq. m. and 226.8 sq. m.) and two land plots (1600 sq. m. and 1250 sq. m.). His spouse owns 1/3 of a flat (36.9 sq. m.) and a plot of land (1200 sq. m.).

The official drives, as it seems, an Audi Q-5 registered in his name. Bulanov also owns two MZSA trailers. The exact brand of means for cargo transportation is not specified, therefore it is impossible to assume what exactly the deputy head transports.

The next spot in our ranking is taken by Valery Petrov, deputy head of the department of especially important flights and special programs. In 2016, the official earned 2.7 million rubles. His wife earned little more – 2.8 million rubles. The deputy head owns an apartment (59.8 sq. m.). The official’s spouse also owns one (46.9 square meters).

Another deputy head of the Agency, Andrey Belyakov, earned 2.6 million rubles. Regarding the real estate items, he only owns a ½ share of an apartment (123 sq. m.). His spouse does not have any income, as well as any real estate, but she owns a Volvo S80.

The last spot is occupied by head of Rosaviatsia Alexander Neradko who declared the income of 2.6 million rubles. The real estate property of the federal agency's head includes two dachas (252.1 sq. m. and 215 sq. m.), an apartment (201.6 sq. m.), a land plot (2200 sq. m.) and an amenities building (118.8 sq. m.). His wife owns a ¼ share of a flat (64.4 sq. m.) and a plot of land (2308 sq. m.).

Neradko declared a Lexus GX 470, his wife – Volvo S40.

The richest among the spouses of the Roosaviatsia officials is the wife of Mikhail Parnev, the head of the international cooperation department. In 2016, she declared 21.1 million rubles of income, while her husband earned only 1.2 million rubles.

The official’s wife owns a ½ a share of an apartment (80.5 sq. m.), a dacha (297.7 sq. m.) and a land plot (797 sq. m.). All these real estate items are located in Russia. Another apartment (102 sq. m.) owned by Parnev's wife is in the USA. The official himself has an apartment (184.5 sq. m.) and two parking places (17.2 and 16.5 sq. m.).

The wife of the department head owns a Porsche Cayenne GTS, and Parnev himself has an Audi A4.

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