Rating: The Richest at the Russia’s Penitentiary Service

Penal servants also like yachts and Spanish villas

In the state authority for execution of punishments (FSIN), the official responsible for state purchases earns more than anyone else. This is Alexander Drozdovsky, the interim head of the Center for State Property and Housing and Community Support. In 2016, he declared 49.6 million rubles of income. It is Drozdovsky who puts his signature on the procurement documents of the Service: for repairing and equipping FSIN buildings, as well as for the purchase of souvenirs.


Drozdovsky has more than tens of millions of rubles. He also owns foreign real estate, an apartment of 61 sq. m. in Spain. Its area is more than the official’s flat in his homeland; the latter is only 53 sq. m. Another apartment (103 sq. m.) is in Drozdovsky's use. He owns a Mercedes-Benz GLE and a boat manufactured by Crowline, the company engaged in making yachts, the prices of which range from $ 60 thousand to $ 566 thousand.

The anti-corruption declaration of the richest FSIN employee is not fully filled out. It says that this year the official “purchased: an apartment, dwelling house, land plot and car”, but neither the house nor the plot are indicated in the documents.

The second place in the department is occupied by head of the legal department of the Federal Penitentiary Service Leonid Klimakov. His annual income was 27.7 million rubles. At the same time, a part of this income is the social payment to the FSIN employee in amount of 15.3 million rubles.


Klimakov redirected this subsidy to his wife: the property acquired through this payment is registered in his wife’s name. This is stated in the declaration of Klimakov’s spouse: “a land plot and apartment house have been purchased for money provided by the spouse".

Leonid Klimakov’s property includes only an apartment of 60 sq. m., whereas his the spouse has two land plots (their total area is 1418 sq. m.), a dwelling house (327 sq. m.), two apartments (82 sq. m.) and “other real estate”. Klimakov himself has the right to use all this real estate.

25.3 million rubles was declared by employee of the regional department of the FSIN Alexander Zverev. He is the Head of Penitentiary Service’s convoying administration in Perm regionю This institution is engaged in the transportation of prisoners. Zverev owns two land plots (1,023 sq. m. and 2009 sq. m., the latter he owns together with his wife), two dwelling houses (total area of ​​175 sq. m.) and two apartments (176 sq. m.).

Zverev’s transportation means includes a Chevrolet Niva and inflatable boat Fregat; such boats are used by fishermen. The wife of the official owns a more impressive car – Lexus NX 200. She brought 1.1 million rubles in annual income to the family budget.

Valery Balan, who this year was appointed deputy director of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, also made his way on the list of the richest employees of the penal authority. In 2016, he worked as the head of the FSIN’s personnel department and declared 18.7 million rubles of income. Getting the fourth place of this rating became easier for him due to the “subsidy for acquisition or construction of a dwelling premise.” The subsidy was 15,2 million rubles.


Judging by the declaration, Valery Balan did not experience any difficulties with housing: on the list, there are two land plots with a total size of 2 thousand sq. m. and a ½ share of an apartment of 59 sq. m. Another apartment of 61 sq. m. is in the official's use. Moreover, his wife’s property includes an apartment (118 sq. m.) and a plot of land (635 sq. m.). She also owns a Toyota Lexus LS-430 car and earns 1.3 million rubles per annum.

Yuri Barinov, the head of the FSIN’s Department of Engineering, Technical and Information Support, Communications and Equipment, closes the top-five of the richest employees of the Russian penitentiary system. His income was 18.6 million rubles. In 2016, Barinov also received a subsidy for housing, 15.3 million rubles. At the same time, he already owns a land plot (686 sq. m.), apartment (33 sq. m.) and a garage; according to the declaration, he did not spend the social payment this year.

All the leaders of the rating declared much more than the FSIN Director, Gennady Kornienko. According to the anti-corruption declaration, his income in 2016 was only 2.7 million rubles. The same number is indicated in the declaration of his wife. The Kornienkos own two apartments (total area - 172 sq. m.), a garage and not a single vehicle.

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