Rating: The Wealthiest at Russian Ministry of Energy

Whose wife earns more than one hundred million rubles?

The Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation earns far less than five of his most successful subordinates. Therefore, Alexander Novak was not included in our main rating of the top-5 wealthiest employees of the Ministry of Energy. In 2016, the Minister declared an income in amount of 17.2 million rubles. His wife earned in 337 thousand rubles.

Novak’s property list is also quite modest: an apartment (121.6 sq. m.) and a plot of land (1000 sq. m.). At that, his wife does not have any real estate property at all.

Judging by Novak’s declaration, the Minister is motorcycle fan. He owns a BMW K1200LT and BMW K 1600 GTL. His wife prefers cars: BMW X5 xDrive 30D and Porsche Cayenne.

The first place among all employees of the Ministry was taken by Deputy Director of the Electrical Energy Development Department Petr Bobylev. His income in 2016 amounted to 55.5 million rubles.


He owns a dacha (110.9 sq. m.), two apartments (124.5 sq. m. and 75.5 sq. m.), land plots (1073 sq. m. and 1074 sq. m.) and two car places (7.9 sq. m. each). Among Bobylev’s declared vehicles, there are Land Rover DISCOVERY 4 and ATV Baltimotors MC700 quad bike.

His wife owns no property and no means of transport. She also does not receive any income.

Bobylev's boss, Director of Electrical Energy Development Department Pavel Snikkars, earns massively less than his subordinate. In 2016, he declared 47.8 million rubles, and his wife’s income was only 329 thousand rubles.

The head of the Department owns an apartment (148.8 sq. m.), dacha (209.1 sq. m.), bath-house (58.2 sq. m.), land plot (1604 sq. m.) and a car place (18.4 sq. m.). The official apparently drives Volkswagen Touareg indicated in his declaration.

Snikkars’ wife has neither real estate property, nor cars.

Deputy Energy Minister Andrey Cherezov with an income of 29.5 million rubles got the third place in our rating.


The official’s individual ownership includes a house (284.7 sq. m.) and a land plot (1155 sq. m.). Cherezov and his wife own two apartments (113.7 sq. m. and 64.2) in shares of ⅓. Also, in the joint use, the family has another apartment (141.2 sq. m.). The official’s spouse owns only a garage (36.2 sq. m.).

Of the vehicles, Cherezov has an Audi A6 and a Suzuki Grand Vitata.

The fourth place goes to another Deputy Minister, Vyacheslav Kravchenko. In 2016, he earned 24.8 million rubles, and his wife’s income amounted to 10.5 million rubles.

Kravchenko owns two dwelling houses (385.4 sq. m. and 53.5 sq. m.), an apartment (169.8 sq. m.) and another ½ of an apartment (32.6 sq. m.). He also has three land plots (720 sq. m., 2117 sq. m. and 1427 sq. m.) and two parking spaces (20.7 sq. m. and 20 sq. m.).

The spouse of the Deputy Minister also owns a considerable amount of real estate property. She has declared a dwelling house (304.5 sq. m.), apartment (90.7 sq. m.) and ½ of another apartment (58.6 sq. m.). In addition, Kravchenko's wife owns four outbuildings (38.8 sq. m., 26 sq. m., 8.6 sq. m. and 22.5 sq. m.), a land plot (1200 sq. m.) and ½ in the two more (each plot of 1,700 sq. m.).

The Deputy Minister declared two Toyota Land Cruiser 200 cars, two ATV Yamaha Grizzly 700, a Yamaha Grizzly 550 quad bike and a Harley-Davidson Softail. Kravchenko’s wife declared a BMW X6.

Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky closes the rating. For 2016, he declared an income of 23.2 million rubles. His wife earned 17.9 million rubles.

Yanovsky has only a plot of land (6450 sq. m.) in his real estate property; also, there is an apartment (55.3 sq. m.) which is in the official’s use.

The official’s wife owns an apartment (186.9 sq. m.) and a garage (13.1 sq. m.), in which she parks her BMW X3.


Among all the spouses of the Ministry of Energy officials, the most successful is the wife of Deputy Minister Kirill Molodtsov. In 2016, she declared the income of 114.4 million rubles, which is almost nine times the earnings of her husband, who earned only 13.2 million rubles.

The Deputy Minister's wife owns two apartments (140.3 sq. m. and 46.1 sq. m.), 1/6 of a garage (536 sq. m.), car place (19.02 sq. m.) and 10% of a land plot ( 4528 sq. m.), non-residential premises (60.5 sq. m.). Molodtsov’s wife also declared an Aston Martin.

The Deputy Minister himself also owns five apartments (125.9 sq. m., 126.1 sq. m., 87.5 sq. m., 51.1 sq. m., 50.2 sq. m.), a share of ½ in another one (83,9 sq. m.), six non-residential premises (total area of ​​777.8 sq. m.) and a land plot (35.3 ha).

In addition, Molodtsov has a house (24.9 sq. m.) and an apartment (46.1 sq. m.). The list of means of transportation declared by the Deputy Minister includes Porsche Cayenne, LADA XRAY and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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