Rating: The Wealthiest at the Central Bank of Russia

How do bank rescue practitioners earn?

In 2016, Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina declared 26.9 million rubles of income. Her property includes 1/3 of a 70 sq. m. apartment and another apartment of 112 sq. m. Nabiullina drives a Jaguar S-type.

Elvira Nabiullina’s spouse, Yaroslav Kuzminov, according to the declaration, earned 29.6 million rubles for the year. He holds the post of rector of the National Research University Higher School of Economics. In his declaration, one can see a land plot of 1470 sq. m., a dacha of 326 sq. m. and 1/3 of a 70 sq. m. apartment.

Nabiullina is far from being the first in the rating of the Central Bank's most wealthy officials. First deputy head of the Central Bank, Olga Skorobogatova, declared more than anyone else in the institution. Her annual income was 74.2 million rubles. The richest woman of the Central Bank has an extensive list of properties: two land plots (total area - 3219 sq. m.), two dwelling houses (679 sq. m.), four apartments (400 sq. m.), two parking places and two garages. Olga Skorobogatova also owns a BMW 523. Her husband declared 244 thousand rubles of income, 1/3 of a 57 sq. m. apartment and a Mercedes-Benz CLS 350.


Andrei Kruglov, the chief accountant of the Central Bank and director of the Department of Accounting and Reporting, earned 55.9 million rubles in 2016. Kruzhalov was appointed to his post in 2013. Prior to that, he held the position of chief accountant of Sberbank for several years.

In his declaration, Andrei Kruzhalov indicated two land plots (their total area is 2898 sq. m.), a dwelling house (318 sq. m.), 1/3 of an apartment with an area of ​​59 sq. m., as well as another apartment (38 sq. m.). The chief accountant of the Central Bank owns foreign real estate as well: an apartment of ​​126 sq. m., utility room and a car place in Spain.

The official has two more apartments (total area - 324 sq. m.), a garage and four parking places in the use. According to the declaration, he has one car: it's a Mercedes-Benz ML 350. Andrei Kruglov’s spouse declared 584 thousand rubles of income. She owns three apartments in Russia, as well as an apartment, a utility room and a car place in Spain.


Secretary General of the Bank of Russia Vladimir Zhuchkov declared 34.8 million rubles in 2016. In addition to high income, Zhuchkov has two land plots occupying an area of 2207 sq. m., a house with an area of 552 sq. m. and ¼ of a 119 sq. m. apartment. Another apartment of 176 sq. m. is in his use. Zhuchkov has two cars: a Nissan Note and Toyota Land Cruiser, as well as a boat with a trailer.

Zhuchkov’s wife declared 2 million rubles of income, a land plot (1429 sq. m.), ¼ of a 119 sq. m. apartment, a 84 sq. m. apartment, a parking place and a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Vladimir Chistukhin, Deputy Head of the Bank of Russia, is listed the 4th in our rating of the wealthiest CB employees. His annual income is 33.8 million rubles.

Chistukhin owns a land plot of 950 sq. m, a dwelling house of 220 sq. m., two apartments (total area – 155 sq. m.) and a Lexus GX 460. Two more apartments (total area – 262 sq. m.) are in the official's use. Chistukhin’s spouse declared income of 284 thousand rubles, as well as three apartments with a total area of 240 sq. m. and a parking place.


Alexei Simanovsky, the adviser to the Head of the Central Bank, is also among the top five in terms of revenue. His income for 2016 is 32.9 million rubles. He has two land plots: their total area is 3295 sq. m. In addition, he owns two houses (596 sq. m.), an apartment (166 sq. m.), a garage and a sauna. Another apartment of 399 sq. m. is in Simanovsky’s use. The declaration also includes an Audi Q5.

The income of Simanovsky’s wife is 11.7 million rubles. She owns two apartments (total area – 243 sq. m.) in Russia and ¼ of a 77 sq. m. apartment in Ukraine. The abovementioned apartment of 399 sq. m. is used by her together with her husband. The final touch to the declaration of the successful official’s wife is a Porsche Cayenne.

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