Rating: the Wealthiest at the Economic Development Ministry

How much did Ulyukaev's (ex-Minister of Economic Development arrested over bribery) subordinates earn?

The first place in terms of income in 2016 among all employees of the Ministry of Economic Development is occupied by Dmitry Pristankov. He is the head of the Federal Agency for the Administration of State Property Rosimushchestvo, concurrently he holds the post of Deputy Minister of Economic Development. In 2016, Pristankov managed to earn 101.8 million rubles. According to the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the official is not and never have been engaged in business. Pristanskov's wife declared 4 million rubles of income for the same period.

The deputy minister’s real estate property includes a ¼ of an apartment (86.6 sq. m.), and his wife has a ½ of another apartment (44.3 sq. m.). An apartment (67.4 sq. m.) and a cottage (308.2 sq. m.) are in their use. Pristankov’s wife also declared a Mercedes-Benz.


The next place was taken by another deputy minister, Nikolay Podguzov: in 2016, he received an income of 8.7 million rubles (in the summer of 2017, Podguzov was appointed as head of Post of Russia - Ed.). The official’s real estate includes two apartments in full ownership (162.2 sq. m. and 61.5 sq. m.), a 1/3 of another apartment (92.8 sq. m.), two parking spaces (13.6 sq. m. and 13.8 sq. m.). His wife modestly declared only an apartment (37.2 sq. m.). Podguzov probably drives BMW and Infiniti, which he owns.

The third place goes to State Secretary - Deputy Minister Oleg Fomichev, who has an income of 8.6 million rubles. He declared two apartments (78.5 sq. m. and 89.2 sq. m.) and a land plot (1562 sq. m.). He owns another apartment in equal shares with his wife (58.1 sq. m.). The means of transportation in his ownership include a Suzuki.


Director of the Department of Economic Development of the Ministry of Economic Development Dmitry Alekhin took the honorable fourth place. His ‘net’ income in the department amounted to 8.1 million rubles. Also, the official got 2.2 million rubles for the car his had sold (it is indicated in the declaration. - Ed.).

Alekhin declared two houses (376.9 sq. m. and 173.3 sq. m.), two apartments (67.8 sq. m. and 50.9 sq. m.), plot of land for construction (1500 sq. m.), two non-residential premises (183.8 sq. m and 14.7 sq. m.), car place (12.6 sq. m.). The director of the department has another plot of land for construction (1400 sq. m.) in his use.

The official owns a Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, as well as a Yamaha snowmobile.

Our rating is closed by Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alexey Gruzdev, who earned 8.09 million rubles. The real estate he declared includes an apartment (80.9 sq. m.) residential building (188.1 sq. m.), bath-house (52.4 sq. m.), two land plots (800 sq. m and 600 sq. m.), garage (18 sq. m.). The official also has another apartment in use (74.2 sq. m.). Gruzdev owns a Nissan.


Among the spouses of the Ministry's staff, the most successful was the wife of Deputy Director of the department for the activities of the Ministry of Economic Development Andrey Voevodin. In 2016, she declared the income of 8 million rubles. She owns an apartment (82.1 sq. m.), two dwelling houses (154 sq. m. and 30 sq. m.), three land plots (5000 sq. m, 2500 sq. m and 154 sq. m.). Also, the official's wife declared a Toyota car.

For comparison, in 2016, Voevodin received an income of 15.8 million rubles, but most of this money (13.2 million rubles) come from inheritance and from the sale of vehicles. The real estate, the official declared includes an apartment (72 sq. m.) and a garage (18 sq. m.). Voevodin drives a Volkswagen car.


Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev was detained in mid-November of 2016. Shortly thereafter, Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed him from his post in connection with the loss of confidence. Despite the fact that Ulyukaev held office for almost the entire 2016, he was not included in the anti-corruption declaration of government members for 2016. Therefore, we do not include him in our rating of the ministerial staff.

It is impossible to establish the income of the head of the ministry for the last year, therefore, for an understanding, we looked into his incomes for earlier periods. In 2013, Ulyukaev declared 80.4 million rubles of income, in 2014 – 43.3 million rubles, and in 2015 – 59.9 million rubles. The income of his spouse for the same time periods amounted to: 2013 – 5.3 million rubles, 2014 – 8.2 million rubles, 2015 – 15 million rubles.

According the declaration for 2015, Ulyukaev owned ten land plots for the maintenance of subsidiary farming. Their total area is 15 hectares. In addition to these, he has two land plots for country construction (4175 sq. m. and 2212 sq. m.).

The real estate declared by the ex-minister includes a house (530.9 sq. m.) and apartment (224.6 sq. m.). Also, he had a dacha (196.5 sq. m.) in use.

Ulyukaev’s wife owns two houses (250 sq. m. and 161.6 sq. m.), two apartments (45.4 sq. m and 60.6 sq. m.) and five plots of land for construction (total area 1810 sq. m.).

According to the declaration from two years ago, the former minister of Economic Development Ministry had a Range Rover, and his wife owned a Lada 212140, trailer SAZ 82994 and Lexus RX.

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