Rating: The Wealthiest Officials in Komi Republic

They say that in the north there are good salaries – at least for officials

The head of the Komi Republic, Sergei Gaplikov, was not included in the rating of the five highest-earning regional officials. In 2016, he declared 9.1 million rubles of income, and his wife – 592 thousand rubles.

The Governor's family owns an apartment (65 sq. m.), each of them – in a share of ⅕. Another apartment (53 sq. m.) is in Gaplikov’s use.

There is only one car in the family – a Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4MATIC – and it belongs to the official’s wife.

Among the officials of the Komi Republic, last year, the deputy of the State Council, Alexander Leyfrid, earned the most – 88.2 million rubles. He combines the work of the people's deputy with the position of the Vice-President of OJSC LUKOIL and the CEO of LUKOIL-Komi. The spouse of the deputy in the same year declared the income of 27.3 thousand rubles.

In Leyfrid's sole ownership there is an apartment (117 sq. m.). Another property is in joint ownership: two apartments (196 and 154.3 sq. m.) and two garages (13.9 sq. m. each).


The wife of the deputy declared ¼ of an apartment (62.7 sq. m.). A minor child already has a separate housing (62.7 sq. m.).

The vice-president of LUKOIL owns a Toyota Lexus LX 570, a VAZ 2103, a quadrocycle Vento Grand FXATV-003F and a motorcycle JAWA 350. Leyfrid’s wife declared an Infiniti QX70.

The second place in terms of income is occupied by Igor Zavalnev, who is the deputy of the Republican State Council and the leader of the party United Russia in Ukhta. Earlier, the official was in charge of Ukhta branch of Center Gas LLC. In 2016, Zavalnev declared 46.9 million rubles, and his wife earned 4.6 million rubles.

In April 2017, a criminal case was brought against him for tax evasion. Zavalnev is suspected that in 2012-2014 he indicated deliberately false information in his declarations and did not pay taxes in the amount of more than 47 million rubles. Now, he is the suspect in the case. In September 2017, the court seized the official’s real estate.

He owns two apartments (69.9 and 31.7 sq. m.), and a ½ share in another one (53.5 sq. m.), three land plots (906, 907 and 1000 sq. m.), a share of 1/8 in yet another plot (3136.9 sq. m.). Zavalnev also declared a Quonset (879.1 sq. m.), two hangars (866.5 and 851 sq. m.), a facility (355 sq. m.), three non-residential premises (186, 68.7 and 20 sq. m.); he owns two more non-residential premises in a share of ½ (239 sq. m. and 73.5 sq. m.) and a garage (23.6 sq. m.).

In addition, the deputy has a ½ share of an eating house (2,106.4 sq. m.), a ½ in a club's share of 150 places (950 sq. m.) and a part of a dispensary (277.7 sq. m.).

Zavalnev's wife declared an apartment (35.2 sq. m.), facility under construction (484.2 sq.m.), non-residential building (19.8 sq. m.), non-residential premises (1091 sq. m.), two warehouses (717, 3 and 325 sq. m.) and five land plots (total area – 9,965 sq. m.).

The deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Komi owns cars UAZ Patriot, Mercedes Benz 1317; cargo cars GAZ 330210 and GAZ 33023; buses PAZ-320540, Ford Transit, GAZ 32841, PAZ 32050R.

The official's wife declared a Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Toyota Lexus RX270, Volkswagen Transporter minivan, Hitachi ZX 230 crawler excavator.

The CEO of the Sosnogorsky Garment Factory, State Council deputy Dmitry Kologrivy earned in 2016 45.5 million rubles. The official's wife declared 660 thousand rubles of income.


Kologrivy owns an apartment (125.2 sq. m.), summer house (42 sq. m.), land plot (1033 sq. m.) and two garages (23.3 and 19.4 sq. m.). The deputy's wife owns two apartments (81.5 and 31.9 sq. m.), a garage (40.2 sq. m.) and a car place (14.5 sq. m.).

The official drives a Land Rover Discovery 4, Volvo XC 70 and Volvo XC 90. The spouse indicated that she owns a Hyundai Tucson.

The fourth place was taken by another CEO-deputy Alexander Gayvoronsky, who earned 31 million rubles over the past year. He heads Gazprom Ttransgaz Ukhta.

His property includes: two apartments (86.3 and 80.7 sq. m.), two garages (43.7 and 20.7 sq. m.), a non-residential premises (57 sq. m.). Gayvoronsky’s wife has only a garage (14.5 sq. m.) and a car place (42 sq. m.). Also, in the family’s use, there is an apartment (138 sq. m.).

The deputy declared a BMW 5351, Audi Q7, VAZ 21013, onboard trailer Respo M35l, snowmobile Lynx Army. His wife owns an Opel Mokka.

Igor Shimansky closes our rating. In 2016, he declared 23.7 million rubles of income. He owns one company that manages and repairs cars. Also, he is listed as co-founder of another one called DMM LLC specializing in the supply of spare parts.

Shimansky got the post of a parliamentarian in September 2015. Over the last two years, the company DMM received three state contracts for a total of 5.7 million rubles. Also, Shimansky was a co-founder of the company Volsky Les liquidated in late October 2017.

The official owns two land plots (4.9 hectares), a concrete asphalt site (3.8 hectares), office building (366.9 sq. m.), steam-dispatch (49.1 sq. m.), petrol station (65, 6 sq. m.), two industrial buildings (2,142.7 and 628.2 sq. m.), four non-residential buildings (1659.7 sq. m.) and a dispensary (4,725.8 sq. m.).

The wife of the deputy declared an apartment (43.2 sq. m.), but there is another one (114.7 sq. m.) in the family's use.


Among all the husbands and wives of the officials of the Komi Republic, the wife of Deputy Sergey Arteyev earns the most. In 2016, she declared 15.5 million rubles of income, while her husband earned 24 times less – 647 thousand rubles.

Her property includes eight non-residential premises (with a total area of ​​439 sq. m.). She also has an apartment (69.1 sq. m.) in use.

Arteyev declared two apartments (68.1 and 75.4 sq. m.). Together with his wife, they have another apartment (75.4 sq. m.) in use. The deputy's wife drives a Volvo XC-60, and the official himself – a Toyota Corolla.

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