Rating: Wealthiest Officials in Russia’s Most European Region, Kaliningrad

The richest ones are the CEO-deputies

The youngest governor in the history of Russia, Anton Alikhanov, was not included in the top five most successful officials of the Kaliningrad Region for 2016. Officially, he took up his post only in September 2017, and before that he had been acting governor for almost a year. In 2016, Alikhanov declared an income of 2.6 million rubles.

The property of the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region includes a flat (57.1 sq. m.) and the other one, in which he owns in ⅓ (85.8 sq. m.). Alikhanov’s spouse declared an apartment (81.1 sq. m.). Together with her husband, they have equal rights to one more flat (101 sq. m.). Another apartment, which is slightly smaller (80.9 sq. m.), is in the spouses’ use.

According to the declaration for 2016, Alikhanov owns a Mitsubishi Outlander, and his wife – a Ford Mondeo.

The first place in terms of incomes among officials of Kaliningrad goes to Deputy of the Regional Duma Yury Kessler. His income in 2016 amounted to 55.4 million rubles. Such a salary can be explained by his other position. He is the director of Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft. The wife of the Deputy for the same year earned 2.1 million rubles.


Kessler has a house (175.3 sq. m.), an apartment (87.1 sq. m.), two garages (24 and 25 sq. m. respectively), three land plots (843, 27 and 24 sq. m. respectively) and non-residential premises (104.3 sq. m.). His wife owns an apartment (93.7 sq. m.) and a share of ⅔ (60.1 sq. m.) in another flat. The richest deputy of the region also declared a Ford GALAXY.

The second place is occupied by another deputy of the Regional Duma, and concurrently the director of the Kaliningrad Commercial Sea Port, Vyacheslav Dorofeyev. For 2016, he declared income of 50.1 million rubles.

The official owns a house (406.3 sq. m.) and a land plot (669 sq. m.). Together with his wife, in equal shares, they are the owners of an apartment (152.7 sq. m.).

Dorofeyev drives a Mercedes Benz E300 4Matic, and his wife uses a Toyota Rav 4.


Natalya Ischenko used to be an athlete, she was engaged in synchronized swimming. She is a five-time Olympic champion and a nineteen-time world champion. Now, she retired from sports and holds a post of the Kaliningrad Region’s Minister of Sports.

Last year, she temporarily acted as Deputy Prime Minister of the Kaliningrad Region and declared income of 28.5 million rubles. Her husband earned 2.4 million rubles for the same year.

The Minister of Sports owns two apartments (155.4 sq. m. and 73.8 sq. m.), a ⅜ of a land plot (429 sq. m.) and a car place (12.1 sq. m.). Together with her husband, Ishchenko owns a house (236.7 sq. m.) and a plot of land (1500 sq. m.). The Olympic champion’s husband also has an apartment (81.5 sq. m.) in his use.

Ischenko declared the following cars: a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW X6, her husband – a BMW 528i.

The fourth place is occupied by the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Budget, Taxes and Finance, Vadim Snigirev with an income of 27.5 million rubles. In addition to his main activities, he is also the founder of the companies Riel-auto and Otto-car and Dokar. The official's wife declared an income of 823 thousand rubles for 2016.

The spouses’ property includes no real estate. Snigirev rents an apartment (81.7 sq. m.), another flat is in his use (66.5 sq. m.). The official also rents a parking place (19.7 sq. m.). His wife has an apartment (67 sq. m.) in use.

Snigirev declared a Saab 900, a BMW 520 and a motorcycle Honda NRX1800.

The rating is closed by the Deputy of the Regional Duma, and concurrently the CEO of the Yantarny Kombinat (Amber Combine), Mikhail Zatsepin. In 2016, he declared income of 21 million rubles, and his wife – 224 thousand rubles.

The property of the deputy has a house (358.6 sq. m.), Three apartments (76.2, 78.6, 123 sq. M accordingly), a parking space (13 sq. M.) And a land plot (1500 sq. M). In the use of the official there is another apartment (70.1 sq. M.). His wife owns only an apartment (74.7 square meters).

From the vehicles of the hitch, the Kawasaki W800 motorcycle was declared.


The richest among the relatives of Kaliningrad officials was the wife of a deputy of the Kaliningrad Duma, Pavel Fedorov. Her husband holds the post of deputy chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy and Infrastructure Development.

Fedorov’s wife of declared 40.1 million rubles of income. She owns a land plot of 724 sq. m., house (144 sq. m.) and an apartment (47 sq. m). She drives a Volkswagen Touareg.

The Deputy himself does not earn much: his annual income amounted to 2.7 million rubles. But Fedorov owns a lot of real estate. In total, he owns ten plots with a total area of ​​134 hectares. He also owns three residential buildings (325.1, 125.4, 508.7 sq. m., respectively) and real estate (418.5 sq. m.). The deputy travels on two declared cars: a Hyundai Tucson and a Volkswagen Touareg.

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