Ratings: Who are the Wealthiest Newly Elected Governors?

How much reelected heads of regions earn

On September 10, gubernatorial elections in 16 regions of Russia were held. In every jurisdiction, the current governor or their successor won. All of them were candidates from the party "United Russia". Russiangate examined the declarations of election winners and found the wealthiest.

The most prosperous reelected governor turned out to be the head of the Novgorod region, Andrei Nikitin. In 2016, as acting governor of the region, he reported 44.7 million rubles in income.

Vladimir Putin appointed him a provisional governor in February 2017. Prior to that, Nikitin served as the general director of the ANO Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The organization was created according to the president's idea at the United Russia party conference in 2011 to "support medium-sized businesses." Working in the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the current governor declared similar amounts of income; 46 million rubles in 2013, 21 million rubles in 2014 and 34 million rubles in 2015.


Andrei Nikitin owns a ½ share of the land area (​​28 thousand sq.m.), a ½ share of a dwelling house (101 sq.m.), an apartment (43 sq.m.), half of an apartment (164 sq.m.), a sauna of 103 sq.m. and two parking places. Also, the governor has a Land Cruiser 200 and two motorcycles, a BMW K1600 GTL and Harley Davidson FLSTFB 103. The official's wife declared 1.2 million rubles and half an apartment (164 sq.m.).

In second place was Sergei Zhvachkin, the governor of the Tomsk region. His income in 2016 comprised 13 million rubles. He has held the post of governor since 2012 and his declared income has decreased after being elected; in the first year of his work as governor, he reported a fortune of 70 million rubles.

Sergei Zhvachkin owns a site “for recreational and medical facilities” (1,462 sq. m.), another land plot (1,240 sq. m.), two apartments (total area - 437 sq. m.), a non-residential premises (91 sq. m.) and a room for relaxing (¼ share of 129 sq. m.).
He also uses several properties, four land plots (total area - 9308 sq. m.), an apartment (130 sq. m.), a flat (90 sq. m.), an apartment house (446 sq. m.) and a non-residential premises (554 sq. m.). Sergei Zhvachkin owns a Lunx 69 Yeti 600 ACE snowmobile.

The governor of the Tomsk region’s wife reported 1.9 million rubles in income. She owns five land plots (total area - 12,480 sq. m.), an apartment (130 sq. m.), a flat (90 sq. m.), a residential building (446 sq. m.) and a non-residential building (554 sq. m.). One of her plots of land and a country house with an area of ​​277 sq.m. are in Ukraine.


In third place there is the head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov with an annual income of 7.8 million rubles. His declaration shows that 4.2 million rubles was earned from renting out an apartment. Artur Parfenchikov owns a land plot (700 sq.m.), a holiday house (50 sq. m.) and an apartment (159 sq. m.). According to Novaya Gazeta, his four-room apartment is on Arbat; this flat the chief bailiff bought using a subsidy, given by himself. According to the declaration, another room (30 sq.m.) is in his possession.

In the September 10 elections Arthur Parfenchikov gained 60% of the votes, this was the lowest result among all regions. Prior to this, in 2015, he served as director of the Federal Bailiff Service. Then his income comprised 4.9 million rubles


The governor of the Perm region Maksim Reshetnikov declared 5.7 million rubles in 2016. At that time he was a minister in Moscow and served as head of the department of economic policy and development of Moscow. According to the declaration, he owns 2/3 of an apartment (258 sq. m.) and a Kia Cerato. His wife Anna Reshetnikova, reported 478 thousand rubles in income.

In fifth was the head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov. In 2016, his income comprised 4.6 million rubles when he served as the provisional head of Udmurtia. Now Brechalov is co-chairman of the Central Headquarters of the All-Russian People's Front and the first vice-president of the Association of Entrepreneurial Organizations "Opora Rossii."

He owns a ½ share of a four-room flat (149 sq. m.), a land plot for building a warehouse (3,872 sq. m.), an office building (375 sq. m.) and a production building (259 sq. m.). An apartment (147 sq.m.) is in Brechalov's use. The official has two cars, both of them are Volkswagen Multivans.

The income of Brechalov's spouse amounted to 4.7 million rubles. She owns a plot of land (1600 sq. m.) and a ½ share of a four-room apartment.


The other recently elected leaders of the other regions declared from 3 to 4 million rubles of income. During the elections, a meeting of the Adygea State Council was also held, at which deputies elected Murat Kumpilov as the head of the republic. He has the lowest annual income among the "new" heads of regions, only 1.6 million rubles.

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