Who is the Wealthiest at the Ministry of Finance?

Maybe your personal finances are a wreck - but it is not like this in the ministry

The incomes of the employees of the financial department turned out to be high. The wealthiest in 2016 was Assistant Minister of Finance Ilya Ryaschin. His official income is 104 million rubles. Prior to joining the Ministry of Finance, Ryaschin served as vice-president of the diamond mining company ALROSA. He worked in this position from 2012 to 2014, and in 2015 served as president of the company.

Ilya Ryaschin reported two land plots with a total area of ​​4.4 thousand square meters and three apartments (446 sq. m.). In addition, he owns four garages and a non-residential premises. He does not own vehicles, according to the declaration. The wife of the richest official of the Ministry of Finance declared 134 thousand rubles of income.


On the second place of the rating is Finance Minister Anton Siluanov himself. His income for 2016 amounted to 95 million rubles. This amount is three times more than last year: in 2015 he declared 34 million rubles, in 2014 - 36 million rubles, in 2013 - 39 million rubles.

The property of the minister consists of three land plots (total area - 41 thousand square meters), a house (152 square meters), an apartment (253 square meters), two non-residential buildings (176 square meters) and four garages. Another land area of ​​35 thousand square meters is in the minister's use. The declaration notes that in 2016 Siluanov purchased real estate for the accumulated funds and money from the sale of property. The official has five vehicles: three cars (GAZ 69, VAZ 21011, BMW X6 XDRIVE 30D) and two motorcycles - Harley Davidson FLSTC 103 ANV and BMW K 1600 GTL.

The annual income of 52 million rubles was declared by the assistant minister Airat Gaskarov. He was appointed to this position in the spring of 2016. Gaskarov is coming from the banking sector. In 2011, he was vice-president of Sberbank, in 2012 - vice-president of the bank Uralsib. In 2015 - acting Chairman of the Board of Uralsib. From 2002 to 2010, Airat Gaskarov served as Minister of Finance of Bashkortostan, and until 2011 was a member of the Federation Council.


Of the property Gaskarov owns ¼ share in an apartment of 188 square meters. m. Another apartment (117 sq. m.) is in his possession. The Assistant Minister has no vehicles. But the official’s wife owns two cars - Volkswagen Tiguan and Lexus NX 300h.

The annual income of the official's wife is only 19 thousand rubles. She also owns ¼ of the flat with an area of ​​188 square meters and a car place.

47 million rubles - the annual income of Alexei Moiseev, deputy finance minister. In this position Moiseyev has been working for the sixth year already. Prior to joining the ministry, he was the head of the macroeconomic analysis department of CJSC VTB Capital. Moiseev's annual income grew twice as compared to last year's: then the official declared 18 million rubles.

The Deputy Minister of Finance has foreign real estate. These are three apartments in Bulgaria: their total area is 398 square meters. The official owns other three apartments with a total area of ​​458 square meters located in Russia. Here he  as well owns two garages.

Although, Moiseev has more vehicles - two cars (Volkswagen Caravelle and GAZ 24 "Volga"), as well as a snowmobile Polaris Ranger.

In the Alexei Moiseev’s family, according to the declaration, there are seven underage children. All of them also use the Bulgarian real estate. The official’s wife doesn’t only own a house with an area of ​​29 square meters, but also the bus Chevrolet Express. Her annual income is 737 thousand rubles.


The top five leaders in terms of income among the employees of the "money" department are Leonid Schneidman and his 46 million rubles for 2016. He is the head of the Department of Accounting, Financial Reporting and Auditing. This position Schneidman occupies for more than ten years - since 2004.

Leonid Schneidman has five apartments with a total area of ​​263 square meters, as well as a "box" measuring 22 square meters. Income of the official in comparison with the last year decreased - in 2015, Shcneidman declared 65 million rubles.

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