Who is Wealthiest at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Officials are guarding their labor rights.

Unlike other ministries where the ministers make less than their subordinates, the Minister of Labor Maxim Topilin was the wealthiest member of his department. In 2016, he reported 5.8 million rubles.

His wife was even more successful, earning 22.9 million rubles in the same period. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, she co-founded LLC Mineral Trading. The organization was founded in 2005 and is engaged in the wholesale trade of minerals.

Topilin does not own any real estate. In his sole use, he has only "other property" (201.3 sq. m.). Presumably, this is a cottage. Also, together with his wife, the minister uses an apartment (125.6 sq.m.). It belongs to his two daughters in equal shares.

At the same time, Topilin’s wife has an apartment and a garage in Bulgaria (115 sq.m. and 19.3 sq.m., respectively) and another apartment in Russia (77.1 sq.m.).


Only the Minister’s wife owns a vehicle, a Volvo S60.

In second was Deputy Minister Lyubov Yeltsova with an income of 4.4 million rubles. She oversees the development of state policy and the statutory regulation of labor relations. In 2016, her husband earned 414 thousand rubles.

Yeltsova owns an apartment (117.6 sq. m.); a residential building (50.6 sq. m.) and a dacha (117.9 sq. m.); a land plot for personal subsidiary farming (3200 sq. m.); a plot for gardening (600 sq. m.). Together with her husband, the official owns another apartment (54.2 sq. M.).

The family doesn’t own any cars, but Yeltsova owns two parking spaces (13.7 and 15.1 sq. m.).


In third place was Vitaliy Kolbanov, Director of the Department of Complex Analysis and Forecasting for the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. In 2016, he earned 4.4 million rubles.

The official owns a plot of land for gardening (600 sq. m.); another site in a share of ½ (230 sq. m.); a garden house with buildings (73.5 sq. m.); two apartments (35.6 sq.m. and 32.8 sq.m.) and ¼ of the apartment (58.8 sq.m.).

In fourth, Alexei Vovchenko, first deputy minister of labor and social protection, in 2016 received 4 million rubles. His spouse earned 2.8 million rubles.

Vovchenko owns an apartment (56.6 sq. m.). His wife owns an apartment (107.9 sq. m.). Their child also has real estate (½ share of an apartment with an area of ​​76.1 sq.m.).

The first deputy minister reported a Jaguar XJR8 and Suzuki RMZ250 motorcycle. His wife reported an Audi Q5.


Fifth place was taken by another deputy minister, Alexei Cherkasov, with an income of 3.9 million rubles for 2016. His wife earned 236 thousand rubles.

The deputy minister owns a flat (78.9 sq. m.) and a plot of land (1300 sq. m.). His spouse owns a dwelling house (102.5 sq. m.), a plot of land (500 sq. m.) and another plot of land for individual housing construction (802 sq. m.).

Together with his wife Cherkasov owns another apartment (36.1 sq.m.). Also, the official has two garages (18 sq. m. each) and Audi A8.

The most successful among officials’ spouses was Svetlana Sharovatova’s husband. She holds the position of director of FSBI "Management of office buildings and logistics" of the Ministry of Labor. In her position Sharovatova in 2016 earned only 174 thousand rubles, while her husband earned 82.7 million rubles.

The official owns half of the room (9.6 sq. m.). The rest of the property she owns together with her husband. Her spouse reported a residential house (380.8 sq. m.); an apartment (95.8 sq. m.); a land plot for construction (877 sq. m.).

The official’s husband owns a Mercedes GL 500 and a CAN-AM Outlander MAX-XT 650EFI snow-mobile.

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