Who’s Wealthiest at the Ministry of Defense

The people second in line in the military are the most successful

Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu did not place in the top 5 most successful officials of the Ministry of Defense for 2016. The former head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures earned only 10.9 million rubles. His wife 10.5 million rubles.

Shoigu owns a house (477.3 sq. m.), an apartment (56.8 sq. m.) and two land plots (2807 sq. m. and 17193 sq. m, respectively). The Minister of Defense also uses a garage (148 sq. m.) and two of other real estate plots (126 sq. m. and 520 sq. m.).

Shoigu’s does not own any property also, the family does not own any vehicles.



In first place for the richest official in the Ministry of Defense in 2016 was Maxim Chengayev. Until May 2017, he served as head of the Department of Construction in 2016. The official declared income of 52 million rubles. Over the same period, his wife earned 4.92 million rubles.

He owns no property. He uses a plot of land (1000 sq. m.). Together with his wife, they also use an apartment (109 sq. m.).

The official’s wife owns an apartment (119.1 sq. m.), two parking spaces in a share (64.9 sq. m. each). In addition, she owns two non-residential premises (213.6 sq. m. and 40.5 sq. m.). The official's wife owns a Toyota Lexus LX-570.


Where the wealthy official from the Ministry of Defense was given the job is unknown. Now, Chengayev is on the board of directors of the Main Directorate for Troop Construction, which belongs to the Ministry of Defense. He is also the founder of six private companies in Kaliningrad. Of these, three still exist: the Union of Law Enforcement Officials, The Public Youth, The Association of Search Groups, Paymant, and, LLC Strategy for Protection, which is currently managed by Raisa Chengayeva.

In second place with an income of 24.4 million rubles was Evgeny Burdinsky, who received some of the income from the sale of an apartment. The wife of Burdinsky received income equal to her husband, 21.5 million rubles.

The deputy head declared real estate of an apartment (77.8 sq. m.), and a Hyundai ix55.

Burdinsky’s wife owns two plots of land (1000 sq. m. each) and he also declared a Volkswagen Tiguan.

Deputy Head of the Department of Housing Security Ministry of Defense Sergei Ivanov earned in 2016, 24 million rubles. His wife earned 1.2 million rubles.

Ivanov declared an apartment in Russia (80.7), and his wife a share of an apartment on the territory of Ukraine (63 sq. m.). His wife owns a Nissan Pathfinder.


In fourth place was Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, who earned 16.6 million rubles. The spouse of the deputy minister contributed much less to the family budget, only 865,000 rubles.

Borisov owns an apartment (80.8 square meters), a house (237.1 square meters) and a couple of land plots (598 square meters and 1403 square meters, respectively). Deputy Shoigu probably owns a Mercedes-Benz ML 500.

The official's wife has an apartment (195.5 sq. m.), another one in shared ownership (76.1 sq. m.) and a land plot (372 sq. m.). The wife of Borisov declared a BMW X6.

Another deputy minister of defense, Timur Ivanov, closes out the ratings. Last year, he earned 14.2 million rubles. At the same time, his wife declared 55.5 million rubles.

The deputy minister owns only an apartment (44.2 sq. m.). Another (300 sq. m.) is in his use with his wife. The official's wife owns a dacha (192.2 sq. m.), a share from an apartment (317.2 sq. m.) and four land plots (total area 10199 sq. m.).

The deputy minister owns a Chevrolet Suburban and Mercedes-Benz, a Ford Transit cargo, a Triumph and M72 motorcycles. His wife has a Bentley Continental, Aston Martin, Hummer H2 and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


Successful Spouses

The widest income among all families of Ministry of Defense officials was with the wife of Deputy Minister Timur Ivanov at 55.5 million rubles.

На втором месте жена командующего войсками Восточного военного округа Сергея Суровикина. Она заработала 44 млн рублей. Ее доход, как указано в декларации, частично обусловлен продажей земельный участков.

Жена военного, владеет домом (685,5 кв. м), двумя квартирами (82,7 и 288,4 кв. м), тремя земельными участками (411, 996, 2706 кв. м), нежилым помещением (181,8 кв. м) и машиноместом (13,1 кв. м). Еще  одной квартирой она владеет в доле с одним из детей (107,5 кв. м). Также задекларировала Lexus RX350.

In second place is the wife of the commander of the troops of the Eastern Military District, Sergei Surovikina. She earned 44 million rubles. Her income, as stated in the declaration, is partly due to the sale of land.

His wife owns a house (685.5 sq. m.), two apartments (82.7 and 288.4 sq. m.), three plots of land (411, 996, 2706 sq. m.), an uninhabited premise (181.8 sq. . m) and a car spot (13.1 square meters). She owns another apartment in a share with one of the children (107.5 sq. m.) and lso declared a Lexus RX350.

He husband’s income in comparison was small, 10.4 million rubles. Surovikin owns an apartment together with the children (516 sq. m.). Another apartment (107 sq. .) Is in use. In the property of the Commander of the Eastern District is also a car Dodge Nitro.

The third place is occupied by the wife of the deputy head of the Main Organizational-Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff Yevgeny Burdinsky, who took second place in our ratings. She declared 21,5 million rubles of income.

In fourth place, the husband of Margarita Senina. The official has a mysterious post, he has been at the disposal of the government of the Russian Federation from 2015 on the admission of class officials of the state civil service, and she is designated as a "department head in the Ministry." According to public documents, she represents the Ministry of Defense in the courts.

Senina’ spouse earned 11.8 million rubles in 2016. The official herself, 3.1 million rubles.

Senina's husband owns a house (283.1 sq. m.), an apartment (41.4 sq. m.) and a plot of land (800 sq. m.). The official herself does not own any property.

Her spouse declared a Land Rover Discovery 4 and Porsche. Senina owns a Volkswagen Skoda.

Last place in the ranking of incomes of spouses and spouses of officials of the Ministry of Defense was taken by the wife of the Minister of Defense Shoigu, who earned 10.5 million rubles.

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