Fake Insult, Real Abusers

Ivan Davydov sums up the scandal with doping and the issue with the Olympics

The whole story with the Olympics is a good example of how the state works with information after it had stolen common sense from its citizens. Let's try to figure it out quickly. Here we go.

First, of course, it hurts. Not only for officials who fell under sanctions and professional patriots from the TV, who began to spit out rage on air immediately after the first news from Lausanne transpired.

 (A comment from a meticulous viewer. On December 5, in the evening newscast on the state Pervy Kanal, there was, of course, a direct inclusion of a correspondent from Switzerland. Among other things, the correspondent claimed that the members of the Russian delegation at the IOC meeting were not allowed to speak. After the news release, a show started where they discussed the national humiliation. During the show, there was another live broadcast from Lausanne – this time, with the members of the Russian delegation who told how good their speech was and how much attention they got. Pervy Kanal didn’t react at all: the idea of ​​an apology for the obvious lies has never crossed their minds. But it’s no big deal, far greater is what happened after and continues to happen today.)

It hurts, I repeat, everyone. Both athletes and ordinary fans regardless of their political views. You can arbitrarily scold professional sports and its sofa fans, you can abundantly quote the Olympic Charter, which says that the Games are a competition between athletes, and not between countries, but you cannot escape the obvious: watching sports is an important part of our common culture, and even a clear sublimation of a war. And watching our athletes, but in white uniforms and under a neutral Olympic flag – well, let's be frank, this is not exactly what we expected from the Olympics. Plus there is a chance that Russian TV channels will now refuse to broadcast the Games.

Actually, at this point, common sense should emerge: this is the perfect moment to deal with those who offended us. But common sense has been confiscated for too long; having it is even more dangerous than having some EU cheese and other narcotic substances. And when there is no common sense – various manipulators get a room for maneuver.

Here’s, for example, court politician Dmitry Orlov in notorious Izvestia: “By ousting the 2018 Olympics on the periphery of his campaign, Vladimir Putin once again showed that trying to impose a subpoena on him – is an idea doomed to failure.” What does political scientist Orlov do? What he’s supposed to do – he lies. Because Putin, even at the meeting with the workers of GAZ in Nizhny Novgorod, which was organized for the sensational announcement of his participation in the presidential elections, had to talk about the Olympics. Putin said an important thing, slightly cooling the ardor of professional patriots: the state will not boycott the Games and prevent the clean athletes from participating in them. Well, also, he lied, of course, saying that the IOC did not find any evidence of state programs created to support doping in Russia.

In fact, Deputy Prime Minister for Sport Vitaly Mutko, as well as one of his deputies, was forbidden to attend any Olympic events for life precisely because, according to the Olympic Committee, Russian officials at least were aware of scams with doping tests and did not interfere. Apparently, the “evidence of state support” is a kind of lively and clear story about how Igor Sechin, under Vladimir Putin's personal order, broke the bottles with urine open and changed their content to high-quality Russian oil. No other thing would do.

However, for meticulous readers, who are not too lazy to get look through the documents, there is an explanation given by the low-caliber patriotic publicists: after inspecting bottles from Sochi, traces of breaking were found on pathetic 13 samples. But everyone understands that our great state wouldn’t stoop so low! Probably, some Navalny entered the lab and arranged this infamous provocation. Well, or the Pussy Riot singers. After all, they were in Sochi just at the time of the Olympics.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev also can’t let the issue go (even after Putin's announcement, alas, political scientist Orlov, alas): “The decision of the International Olympic Committee has one more component that everyone understands, especially in the current situation, it is a political component. This decision was made on the eve of elections in our country, the presidential elections, in order to create an appropriate mood in the society.” Common sense would surely stumble over these words – because in this case, we should admit that the insidious enemies, who established the four-year Olympic cycle, foresaw the 2018 elections in Russia long ago and came with the Olympics in Korea and the doping scandal just in time. But where is that common sense? In the heads full of urine only offense can live.

Vitaly Mutko repeats the same notion adding that for him and his colleagues “the interests of athletes have always been a priority.” The attempts to protect the interests of athletes – it is important to remember – were reduced to a series of political statements, and that was it. There was also an investigation of the Investigative Committee, initiated, as it seems, only to prevent the IOC specialists from getting the part of the samples.

As a result, we have no solutions for officials involved in the scandal. And what solution are we talking about: taking action against them would mean to recognize the IOC was right, that is, acknowledge the existence of the “state support system for doping”. There are no measures taken, but there is a huge grouch on the whole world and the IOC in particular. That is, on people who, if we call things by their own names, tried to protect our athletes from our own officials.

This grouch, by the way, quite fits into the propaganda scheme of “Russia in the ring of enemies”, and Putin only benefits from it before the election. This should, among other things, prove that Dmitry Medvedev is a moderate thinker, but to understand such things, we still lack common sense. Even despite the urine in our heads.

Also, in addition to resentment, there still is an opportunity to do everything with athletes and fans, referring to the plots of the accursed West. Even water them with. All the same, we'll be wipe ourselves up and vote.

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