Rating: The Wealthiest Officials of Primorsky Territory

Civil servants in Primorye Far Eastern region of Russia earn not less that the federal officials

Russiangate launches a series of materials on the wealthiest Russian regional officials. This time we cover the east of Russia – the Primorsky Territory.   

On October 4, Andrey Tarasenko was appointed to the post of interim governor of the Primorsky Territory. In 2016, he worked as the CEO of FSUE Rosmorport. Back then he declared 13.6 million rubles of income. He owns an apartment of 190 sq. m., garage, as well as a snowmobile Lunex IV NX YETI-4TEX with a trailer.

The income of his wife was 5.6 million rubles. Her property includes more real estate: a plot of land (3000 sq. m.), two dwelling houses (total area – 650 sq. m.) and two garages. One of the houses of Tarasenko’s wife is located in Spain: its area is 225 sq. m.

The wife of the head of the Primorsky Territory also has the right to use a sailing vessel in Spain: according to her declaration, it is of 8.7 sq. m. Also, she owns a hydrocycle Bombardier GTX 4 TEX SC and a trailer.

The wealthiest official in the central administrative office of Primorsky Territory is the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Chairman of the Committee on Budget and Financial Policy Galust Ahoyan. His annual income is 72.5 million rubles.


Ahoyan’s property includes five apartments, the total area of which is 276 sq. m. Also, he owns a non-residential premises (94 sq. m.). Another apartment of 32 sq. m. is in his use. The richest official of Primorye drives several cars – three different models of Lexus – GX 460, GX 570, GX 350.

The second place in terms of income among the Primorye officials is taken by Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Food Policy and Environmental Management, Konstantin Bogdanenko. In 2016, he declared 36.9 million rubles of income.

Konstantin Bogdanenko does not own any real estate, he has two apartments with a total area of ​​211 sq. m. in use. Bogdanenko has three minor children: his daughter has another apartment of 190 sq. m. in use.

Bogdanenko declared neither land plots nor houses, on the other hand, his list of vehicles is quite impressive. He owns three cars – Audi Quattro RS4, Volkswagen Golf, Mazda RX-7, a truck – Toyota Tyndra, as well as two motorcycles – BMW HP Enduro, BMW R1200RT.

Evgeny Tkachenko, a member of the Committee for Food Policy and Environment Management of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Territory, declared 26.1 million rubles. He owns an apartment (409 sq. m.), house (37 sq. m.) and a non-residential building (715 sq. m.). Moreover, he has four plots of land (total area – 5296 sq. m.) and a house (214 sq. m.) are in his use.


Evgeny Tkachenko is the owner of a large car fleet. The list of his vehicles includes 31 trucks, as well as 39 freight tanks and semi-trailers-vans.

Tkachenko combines state service with entrepreneurship. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Evgeny Gennadievich Tkachenko from the Primorsky Territory established four operating fuel companies: Transoil LLC, TransNeft LLC and two companies with the same name – Far Eastern Fuel Company. His other company named Vostok LLC specializes in real estate leasing.

Most of them are successful in concluding state contracts. Three fuel companies render services to the State Unitary Enterprise Primteploenergo. It is controlled by the Legislative Assembly of the Primorye Territory, in which Tkachenko works.

His wife declared 4.8 million rubles of income. She owns two land plots (total area – 10,503 sq. m.), one residential building (214 sq. m.), five apartments (total area – 416 sq. m.), as well as a gas station. Two more land plots with a total area of ​​21,654 sq. m. are in her use.

The fourth place of the rating goes to Viktor Milush, who is a member of the Committee on Budget and Tax Policy and Financial Resources. His income in 2016 amounted to 19.9 million rubles. He declared a land plot (1800 sq. m.) and a dwelling house (320 sq. m.). He also has the right to use another apartment (120 sq. m.) and a plot of land (300 sq. m.).

Like other officials of our rating, Milush has a large number of vehicles: two cars – a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Toyota Lexus GX 460, one truck – a Dodge Ram 2500, as well as a Yamaha YFM660FWA, an ATV and snow and swamp-going vehicle. Apart from that, he also has a small-sized motor ship Badger 390, a Jet Ski Yamaha VX1100 and three trailers, one of which is tractor.

The official’s wife declared 925 thousand rubles of income. Her property includes a half of a land plot of ​​1000 sq. m. and an apartment of 66 sq. m.


The top five of our rating is closed by Igor Shaufler, a member of the Committee on Budget and Tax Policy and Financial Resources, whose an annual income is 15.9 million rubles. The list of Schaufler’s property includes 15 land plots. Their total area is 30420 sq. m.

He also owns four apartments with a total area of ​​214 sq. m. He also has some unusual property: several non-residential buildings, a school, boiler house, office, hangar, warehouse, fruit storehouse, four shops and even a railway track.

Igor Shaufler's list of vehicles is long as well: he has eight Toyota cars of different models and 19 trucks of the brands Nissan, Toyota, Hino, Isuzu, Honda, Mitsubishi and others.

Igor Shaufler is not only an official, but also a businessman: he established the Wholesale and Production Trade Center in the city of Artem, as well as three other companies that are engaged in trade.

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