Russians in Paradise Vol.2: Who is in Paradise Papers List?

Officials, who popped up in the offshore documents leak

The first set of data from the leak called Paradise Papers has replenished the base Offshore Leaks. Appleby, the offshore law firm provided its services to Russians as well: among them, there were not only big businessmen, but also officials.



Valery Sergachev is the former first vice-governor of the Belgorod Region. According to the database, he established the offshore company called Bellmore Operations Ltd in 2007. The owner of this company is the person with the same name and surname as the ex-vice-governor, who is also registered in the city of Alekseevka of the Belgorod Region.

At the time of the establishing of the “paradise company” Sergachev was already an official: in 2007, he occupied a deputy seat in the Belgorod Regional Duma. “We have an ideology: snatch, tear, take it out, hide it there, and after everything ends here, escape there. This thievish ideology permeates everyone: from the entrepreneurial society to the power structures of the country,” once said the deputy, who owns an offshore company.

The son of the official, Stanislav Sergachev, who now holds the post of head of the Alekseevsky District of the Belgorod Region, owns a stake in Bellmore Operations Ltd. In 2015, he became the richest among the heads of the regional districts: then, he declared 683 million rubles of income for the previous year.



Alexander Skorobogatko, an ex-State Duma deputy and one of the owners of the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port owns the Tarona Ltd company on the Isle of Man. The second owner of the company is Alexander Ponomarenko, Skorobogatko’s partner and the chairman of the Board of Directors of TPS Nedvizhimost (TPS Real Estate) and Sheremetyevo Holding. Ponomarenko and Skorobogatko are partners of Arkady Rotenberg, and are among the 40 richest businessmen in Russia.

Skorobogatko has been in the State Duma since 2003. But he stayed only two months in the Duma of the seventh convocation – in November 2016, he gave up the mandate ahead of schedule. During his office he owned an offshore company – Tarona Ltd was established in 2010.



Appleby also provided its services to former State Duma deputy Alexander Aristov. A person with the same name and surname, as well as the registration address in Chelyabinsk, was found in the Offshore Leaks database.

Since 2011, he owns the company EA Services (PTC) Limited. He owns it together with his wife Lyudmila Aristova. In the year of the company’s registration, Aristov for the first time entered the list of 200 richest businessmen Forbes. By this time, Aristov had already left the state jobs: he was a member of the Federation Council until 2003, and a member of the State Duma until 2007.



One of the managers of the state company Rosneft is listed in the database as director of the offshore company called Sakhalin Trade Associates Limited. Lev Solomonovich Brodsky from Sakhalin previously was one of the shareholders of Rosneft, and until 2014 – the CEO of JSC RN-Shelf-Far East, a subsidiary of the oil company.

It was he who reported to Vladimir Putin and Igor Sechin on the Sakhalin-1 oil project. Sakhalin Trade Associates Limited was opened in 1999, and Lev Brodsky was its director until 2009.



It also happens that citizens of other countries use Russian passports for offshore registration. So did the Mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov and his relatives. The Paradise Papers contain data on the companies Fernway Impex Corp. and Macon Assets Limited established in 2004 and owned by Gennady Trukhanov.

His wife Tatyana Koltunova and daughter Ekaterina Trukhanova own another six companies. One of them is Fernaway Impex Corp. established in 2004, and the rest (Peninsula Property Holdings S.A., Pavimentum Infrastructure Group Inc., Maximus Media Holdings S.A., Gradior Corporate Management S.A., Squadra Azzura Corporation) were created in 2008.

Trukhanov's name also popped up in other leaks: it turned out from the documents of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca that the Mayor of Odessa and his relatives controlled more than 20 offshore companies.



Trukhanov's case is not exceptional. In the lists of Appleby clients, there are other “heirs”. Offshore TTT in the Cayman Islands belongs to Alekper Ismailov, the son of businessman Telman Ismailov, the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market.

The company called Ogafel Aircraft Management Limited is controlled by a Russian named Denis Isaev, who is registered in Krasnodar. This is the son of one of the largest developers of the Krasnodar Territory, Dagestani businessman Rizvangadzhi Isayev. Apart from that, he is the brother of interim chairman of the government of Dagestan Shamil Isayev.

The nephew of Musa Bazhaev and president of the Alliance group, Denis Bazhaev, is listed as the owner of the offshore company Russian Platinum plc. The second owner is Musa Bazhaev himself. Together with his nephew, he owns the same group of companies – Russian Platinum.

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