How much the government pays for its top officials’ everyday needs

What’s the cost of building and maintenance of a state-run residence, what furniture and entertainment the country leaders fancy, you can read in Sofia Savina’s investigation.

Official residencies serve as the officials’ offices as well as the recreations. The estates belong to the state and all the needs of their tenants are paid from the state budget.

Current leaders inherited their residences from the Soviet times, but new retreats have been erected now.

For example, the Eastern Estate at the Russky Island in the Maritime territory has been built since 2011. The house cost was 50 mln rubles. Two years later the house was furnitured with 64 mln rubles spent. The next year, the house underwent renovation worth 9.5 mln rubles.

The house for the official visitors in the Maritime territory on the Russki Island
The house for the official visitors in the Maritime territory on the Russki Island – photo


After Russia has annexed Crimea, it obtained ten sites previously belonging to the Soviet and Ukrainian officials. The largest spending in the last three years has been assigned for four cottages near Foros.

In 2015, renovation of the Dacha #11 swallowed 650 mln rubles and more 374 mln spent in 2016. Two similar dachas numbered 9 and 10 had been renovated for 550 mln rubles.

5(госдача №11).jpg
State dacha in Foros. Foto –

Providing living of the dacha’s personnel cost 4.9 mln rubles. Another 89 mln rubles were spent on helicopter landing spot. Car wash costed 2.3 mln rubles, anti-landslide protection damaged the budget on 39 mln, while other costs amounted to 4.5 mln rubles.


Spending for safeguarding of the residence of the Tatarstan head amounts to 29 mln ruble a year. Safeguarding the residence of Samara governor costs 8 mln, with the guards’ monthly salary reaches sky-high 834,000 rubles and free medicare.

Residence of Tatarstan president in Kazan Kremlin
Residence of Tatarstan president in Kazan Kremlin. Foto –

Renovation of the fountain in Kazan Kremlin costs 1.5 mln rubles, grass cutting in Samara governor’s residence costs 1.8 mln rubles. The same works in Leningrad regional government residence coast 1.4 mln rubles.

Maintenance of the palace of the head of Chechen republic costs 48 mln rubles while the servicing of the government building in Grozny consumes 36 mln rubles annually.

The residence of the Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov
The residence of the Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov. Foto –

Presidential Palace of Congresses in Strelna near St-Petersburg sucks in 35 mln rubles annually, while its cleaning, grass cutting, waste disposal swamp 21 mln. Three million rubles more are spent for a heliport there.

A heliport in Valdai has formally been leased by the Federal Guard Service for 7.6 mln rubles per year in 2014-2019.

Konstantinovsky palace, the President’s official residence near St-Petersburg

Konstantinovsky palace, the President’s official residence near St-Petersburg. Foto –

Vehicle costs of Samara governor amounted to 2 mln rubles for two cars and 897,000 rubles were paid for a tractor. The Tatarstan president’s estate has also been equipped with a tractor and a personal watercraft.   


Some 103 mln rubles were spent for modernization of the television systems in the President Putin’s residence, Gorky-9, guests house.

Gorky-9. Foto NTV

In the Rublevo-Uspensky resort which belongs to the Presidential Administration (PA), the tennis court was renovated for 1 mln rubles. The tennis court’s roof in another estate belonging to the PA, Arkhangelskoye, was renovated for 10 mln rubles. The state hunting ground Zavidovo (run by Federal Guard Service) has bought six skies, flags for wolf hunting and fishing utilities.

In Foros, the budget paid 2.5 mln rubles for household utilities and sports equipment, including a 30-slot firearm vault and a table for the weapon cleaning.

In Strelna, the annual cost of shaving and bath kits amounts to 2.7 mln rubles. The catering in the Valdai resort costs 135 mln rubles a year.

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