Green Valley in shades of gold

Leaving politics skillfully is a craft a former MP Eugeny Medvedev has mastered well. After two tenures in the State Duma, his income had risen 10,000-fold, he bought land plots in the most prestigious areas near Moscow and re-sold them with sky-high profit. Now he lives in a neighborhood with ex-President Askar Akayev of Kyrgyzstan, retired Ukrainian official Igor Bakai, PM Dmitry Medvedev and tycoon Oleg Deripaska.

The Green Valley cottage village is located near the Rublevo Highway, the “golden mile” of Moscow's vicinities 23 km off the capital. The village borders the estates of Dmitry Medvedev and Oleg Deripaska.

The Green Valley explorations had started with Eugeny Medvedev, then a MP (United Russia) and formerly – a graduate of the St-Petersburg Interior Ministry's University.

In 1999, he bought the first house in the village. In 2003, he already possessed 17,000 sq m of land there. Later, the company owned by Oleg Severinov, Medvedev's business partner, purchased 59,000 sq. m.

The most recent tax declaration of Medvedev available (2010) shows he owned seven land plots (54,000 sq.m) and his spouse owned another 13 plots (36,400 sq. m). Meanwhile, his income had risen nearly 10,000-fold, from 99,000 Rub to 901 mln, thanks to re-selling land plots in the Green Valley, a very quiet and prestigious place.

Banker, operative

The boom in the Green Valley started in 2003 with banker Roman Popov bought a 4,300-sq-m estate. Popov owns 92.71% of the Europe-Russia Bank and the sole owner (since 2012) of the First Czech-Russia Bank. The FCRB previously belonged to the Stroitransgaz company controlled by Gennady Timchenko, a personal friend of Vladimir Putin.

The FCRB bears rather dubious reputation. In 2012, the bank cooperated with Iran bypassing US and EU sanctions on Tehran. In 2014, the bank credited 9 mln euros to the French ultra-right National Front led by Jean-Marie Le Pen .

In March 2016, Czech authorities prohibited the FCRB to operate; in July the Russian Central Bank withdrew license from the bank and in August the FCRB was declared bankrupt.

One of Popov's neighbors in the Green Valley since 2005 has been former deputy director of the FSB Yuri Zaostrovtsev, a protegee of the current Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev. Zaostrovtsev supervised the Yukos destruction, takeover of the NTV channel from its founder Vladimir Gusinsky and the Media-Most company. Later, in 2001, Zaostrovtsev himself had been involved in an economic criminal case.

As a result, Zaostrovtsev was purged from the FSB in 2004 and he moved to the VEB bank.

President, singer

Ousted President of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev uses a house in the Green Village as a political asylum after he had to leave the country's “Tulip revolution” in April 2005.  Former president has been working in the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Science since 2009.

Formally, Akayev's estate belongs to his son Aidar.

The ex-president neighbor is Natalia Kozitskaya, a Ukrainian singer and wife of Igor Bakai, the ex-head of the Naftogaz-Ukraine holding and head of the Presidential Administration during Leonid Kuchma term in office. In 2005-2007, Bakai had been under international search warrant. Kozitskaya has been the largest landlord in the Green Valley.

After Victor Yushchenko became the president of Ukraine, Bakai had fled to Russia to avoid a criminal prosecution over abuse of power and fraud in 2003-2004. In 2005, Bakai obtained Russian passport and at home in 2007 Kiev's court closed criminal cased against him.

Landlord, businessman

The residence owned by Kozitskaya was built by Eugeny Medvedev during one year. He bought the land under the construction site in 2006, the next year he had registered the estate on himself and in 2010 re-sold it to the Cypriot offshore Artek Holdings Ltd.

While Igor Bakai “was in agricultural business” (in his own words), Kozitskaya opened her Instagram account where she posted pictures of their estate worth $50 mln.

In 2010, while Bakai's assets had not been frozen in Ukraine, he managed to invest them into property in Germany. According to Deutsche Welle, he had bought the palace Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe. But in 2013 the previous owner of the palace Ditmar Gopp brought Bakai to court demanding to announce him bankrupt. Eventually, Bakai and his partners had run into debt of 14 mln euros.

Besdie Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe, Bakai also owns Rodek Castle near Baden-Baden, which his wife bought in 2008 for 4.5 mln euros.

Scientist, gangster

One more resident of the “golden” Green Valley has been Oganes Oganyan, an envoy of Komi republic to the federal government in 2000-2001. Later he chaired Perm regional division of the Just Russia party and was elected an MP to the State Duma in 2012.

In 2008, he purchased 2887 sq. m of land in the village. He had declared that property as well as a house he rented in Austria.

Next house in the Green Valley belongs to Boris Kurochkin, a career diplomat. In 2005, he registered the land on his grandsons. His son Maxim has been a Russian-Ukrainian “crowned thief” since 1990s. According to Ukrainian sources, Maxim was in good terms with then-Minister of Interior Vladimir Rushailo and assisted the police to push away from Moscow markets the merchants from Northern Caucasus.

Maxim Kurochkin moved to Ukraine in 1999 where he had earned the nickname “Mad”. Maxim “the Mad” founded the Russian Club in Kiev in 2004, with then-Prime Minister Victor Yanukovich as well as the heads of Russian and Ukrainian presidential administrations presenting at the opening event.

Two year later in Dnepropetrovsk Maxim had led a group of 150 gangmen storming a local marketplace. Kurochkin was arrested. On March 27, 2007 he was shot and killed in the inner yard of Kiev's courthouse. The killer had been been found.

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