How loose lips sank Oryol governor

The governor of the central Russia’s Oryol region and the Communists party member Vadim Potomsky had made headlines thanks for his campaigning to erect a monument to Ivan the Terrible in the city the Tsar had never been. Meanwhile, Potomsky keeps low profile when it comes to his property, as the Russiangate has found out.

St-Petersburg-born Vadim Potomsky entered public service in late 1990s and in 2011 was elected to the State Duma from the Communist party. Three years later he was elected the Oryol governor.

While he and his family had moved to that sleepy city 360 km south of Moscow, their property in the city of Vsevolozhsk in Leningrad region remained undeclared.

In 2010, Potomsky’s income equaled $46,000 and he owned two apartments in St-Petersburg.

In 2011, he added a land plot to his property, another apartment and a house (co-owned with his wife Natalia, who also possessed a 1018-sq-m land plot of her own).

In 2014, Potomsky declared his wife’s plot but failed to mention a house built on it. The Russiangate has found that property thanks to Natalia’s loose tongue: the governor’s wife admitted that the family owned a 750-sq-m house and 5,000 sq m of land under it.

The market price of Potomsky’s estate equaled to $5 mln.

Spouse’s loose lips

“We were not stingy when choosing construction materials. We ordered them from nearby Finland, as well as from Spain and England”, she boasted.

The governor himself has never mentioned either house his wife registered in her name in 2010 or the land Natalia registered in 2007. She has still been owning land tax of about $1100. The governor also owns taxes for cars in his possession.

Potomsky has been visiting Vsevolozhsk from time to time to see his mother Natalia Bagdasarova. The governor’s children, sister and two nephews also frequently visit their family nest where they have their time riding quad motorbikes and swimming in the pool.

Thanks to the nephew’s Instagram, the Russiangate has obtained pretty detailed information about Potomsky’s estate interiors and the inners of the governor’s aircraft in which the boy had once accompanied his uncle to Kaluga.

Governor’s loose lips

Vadim Potomsky’s remarks aver various topics have made the public laugh numerous times.

«I am a big man, I served in the Army’s sports club, I am a judo master, so I can demonstrate my physical force if needed and one has to talk to me having that in mind”.

“Four criminal cases have been opened against one man who ran down of the authorities, both state and ours. This is a challenge, and we must fight for our case together”.

“Everyone must remember history and not let anyone revise it. The son of Ivan the Terrible had died when they were travelling from Moscow to St-Petersburg”  (St-Petersburg was founded nearly 150 years later – the Russiangate).

«No portraits must be presented in schools but that of President. If there are my portraits in schools, will the students learn better?”

“Each jerk who can write points at how bad life in Oryol region has been, despite his typewriter is all his property. He hasn’t created a single job in the region and still keeps pinching”.

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