Russian Officials in Spain: Time to Worry about Real Estate?

When officials hate-preach about the West, remember that in fact, they have a bunch of flats there.

As The Bell wrote, the number of Russian property owners in Catalonia is about 10-20 thousand. The main part of the Russians – about 70% - buy real estate for investment purposes, primarily for seasonal renting to tourists. Approximately 30-40% of the Russians who bought housing in Catalonia have a local residence permit. Spain offers one of the most liberal programs in Europe for investor visas: a residence permit is issued when a property worth € 500 thousand is bought.

Russian officials also love Spain. On the map one can find 21 public officers, who own real estate in the western country. Most of them are deputies of federal and regional parliaments.


Among the Spain enthusiasts, one can find seven deputies of the Russian State Duma. Six of them are members of the party United Russia, the other one is a member of Spravedlivaya Rossiya (Just Russia). Vadim Belousov, a member of the State Duma Committee on Agrarian Issues, is the one who “distinguished himself” in the party. He owns a land plot of 800.24 sq.m. and an apartment of 37.25 sq.m.

The most modest apartment occupying 55 sq. m. belongs to member of United Russia Andrey Baryshev. The biggest house is 312.93 sq.m. and belongs to the wife of deputy Umakhan Umakhanov from the Republic of Dagestan.

Why go for floor space if you can just go for quantity? Lower house deputy Arkady Ponomarev, also a member of the State Duma Committee on Agrarian Issues, owns three apartments in Spain – 151, 155.4, 178 sq.m respectively. Judging by his income, the deputy can afford such a luxury: his income for 2016 amounted to 166.9 million rubles.

Deputy Konstantin Zatulin owns a slightly smaller – 94.15 sq. m. – apartment. In the parliament he represents the Krasnodar Territory and is on the committee for CIS affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots.

Deputy Alexander Bryksin, together with his wife, owns an apartment of 75.72 sq. m. and a parking lot, and Andrey Chernyshev has a living space of 62 sq. m. personally for himself.

Former athlete Nikolay Valuev, who now is a deputy well-known for his "meaningful" statements, also did his part of investment in Spain: an apartment of 95 sq. m. stands in his wife’s name.



Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov also belongs to those senior officials who prefer Spanish real estate. In his family, an apartment of 120 sq. m. in Spain belongs to his daughter. 

Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region Maxim Fomin is also here: together with his wife, he owns an apartment of 60.8 sq. m.

A distant journey won’t stop an official from taking a vacation on the "insidious" West. RF Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of Business People Andrey Kotov definitely is not of those who sticks to the Motherland: he owns an apartment in Spain of 71.6 sq.m.


Eight deputies of regional parliaments also settled in Spain. One from each region. The deputy of the State Assembly of the Sakha Republic (Il Tumen) Viktor Fedorov stands out among the representatives of the subjects of Russia: his wife owns an apartment which occupies an area of 229.97 sq. M. A slightly smaller apartment (230.7 sq. m.) belongs to Vladimir Petrov, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region.

Siberia is also represented in Spain. Viktor Kushnir, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region, together with his wife, owns an apartment of 172.3 sq.m. Gennady Istomin, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk Region, owns an apartment (80.5 sq. m.) as well as a garage, and also together with his wife.

The Republic of Tatarstan in Spain is represented by deputy of the State Council of the Republic Ilshat Gafurov: his apartment is quite spacious – 129.3 sq. m.

Also among the property owners, there is deputy of the Belgorod Regional Duma Sergey Tetyukhin (an apartment of 130 sq. M. owned jointly with his wife), deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov Region Sergey Redkin (an apartment of 73 sq. M. owned jointly with his wife) and deputy of the Kostroma Regional Duma Ilya Yakhontov (dwelling house of 63.4 sq. m.).

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