Sochi mayor builds air defense of his property

The Mayor of the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Anatoli Pakhomov, does not conceal his dislike to the drones because reporters use them to peep into officials’ property. This, he believes, constitutes privacy violation. The mayor had intended to raise that issue during a meeting of the anti-terror commission on Dec.19. Pakhomov has the reasons to be reclusive, Anastasia Khlopkova reports.

Anti-terror flights

«Nowadays, the drons intervene into our lives obtrusively. It’s unclear why they videotape the private and public property without permission”, the Ugra news agency quoted Anatoly Pakhomov as saying.

The mayor (who is also a head of Sochi branch of the United Russia party) proposed to criminalize use of drones and called the anti-terror commission to discuss his initiative.

The Russiangate believes that Pakhomov has been afraid of drones to disclose his apartment and other property which he failed to declare.

"A"-class business center that the Pakhomov family rents out
"A"-class business center that the Pakhomov family rents out

Where money comes from

Four years ago, the Pakhomov’s family income exceeded those of President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev two-fold.

In 2006-2009, Pakhomov worked as a head of Anapa city administration in Krasnodar region. In 2009, he started working as Sochi mayor while lecturing in the Kuban state technological university.  His property had been modest: 1300 sq m of land and his wife’s apartment.

Meanwhile, his income had been growing rapidly in 2011-2014, while his wife’s income had been decreasing as swiftly until 2015, when her income suddenly also  skyrocketed, exceeding her spouse’s income nearly ten times.

After Pakhomov had become Sochi mayor, his family started to acquire more property. Since 2011, they added four land plots, two garages, an apartment and two non-residential premises. Journalists believe that the mayor declared his apartment incorrectly so to hide it from the outsiders.

Ghost apartment

Yelena Pakhomova bought it in 2008
Yelena Pakhomova bought it in 2008
The Russiangate failed to find the 143.3-sq-meter apartment in Sochi belonging to Yelena Pakhomova. Instead, the 185,6-sq-m apartment was found Yelena bought  in summer 2009 in a highrise steps form the city’s central beach. She also owns two parking spots there since 2011.

The prices for apartments in the 18-storey highrise start from $300,000. The question is, how Pakhomov could afford that apartment if he had earned enough money two years after the purchase.

Rent and charity

In Krasnodar in 2015, a four-storey office building was on sale for $30 mln. No one had bought it and the building’s owners started leasing it to a furniture factory.

The building’s owner is Yelena Pakhomova, who had bought a land under it in August 2008 and registered the building in December 2012.  She declared the property in 2013.

Sochi’s First Lady not only earns more than her husband. She has been active in charity business as the president of The Bridge of Good Women’s League established in 2010. The league earned $23,000 in 2015.

Yelena also heads the children charity foundation “The Territory of Good”.

There is no information of how much money The Bridge collects. In 2011, Yelena said that the foundation had collected $66,000 but in 2014 she named the different sum of $120,000.

The foundation lacks its own website but advertizes its events at the official websites of the Krasnodar region government.

In 2014, a court dissolved The Bridge after the Krasnodar Justice Department had revealed that the foundation failed to report its activity since May 2011 to June 2013. Nevertheless, the foundation has been alive until now.

In 2008, Pakhomov told the media that his daughter lives in Anapa with the local resident. His son Alexei had graduated the Kuban agricultural institute, married and lives in Sochi where he has a business in recreation industry since 2009.

It remains uncertain if Anatoly Pakhomov has got an estate by the sea which he wants to hide from the aerial view.

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