The Love Nest: What St. Petersburg Governor and His Family Own?

A house next to the ones of Prosecutor General Chaika, Ksenia Sobchak’s mother and Foreign Minister Lavrov. Haven't also forgotten about the children.

Russiangate took a closer look at the declaration of the mayor and found land plots on Rublyovka and an elite apartment in the Petrogradsky District in the list of Georgy Poltavchenko’s property.

Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko never concealed that he is a large landowner. In his official declarations, one can see that in the 2014 election year, he had five plots of land instead of one. At the same time, the area of his ​​real estate for some reason remained the same - 0.3 hectares. The area of ​​the house also remained the same - 385.6 sq. m. Also, the mayor always had one apartment in use. However, in 2013, this living space has decreased by six square meters. Poltavchenko has never had any cars in his declarations. Probably, he has long been using official foreign cars bought for taxpayers' money.

These days, it is Poltavchenko’s second term as a city manager since 2012. Before that, he worked as a presidential envoy in the regions, tax police officer and parliamentarian. With Vladimir Putin, he is familiar due to work for the KGB in Petersburg in the 1980s.

According to the declarations, Poltavchenko did not earn much. Where does get the money for expensive real estate? (On the chart: on the left – income, on the right - property)

Officially, since 2008, Poltavchenko has earned almost 60 million rubles. On average, he brought about 5-6 million rubles a year, or 400-500 thousand rubles a month, to the family budget. In the governors’ income ranking, he is quite far from the first place. It was not possible to find any information about his earlier earnings.

All this time, his wife, judging by her incomes, has not worked anywhere. She brought 150-200 thousand rubles a year to the family treasury: for 10 years, a little more than 1.3 million rubles were accumulated. Most likely, she receives a minimum pension, 12-15 thousand rubles a month. Russian pensioners should take a master class from her, how to buy a house on the Krestovsky Island in a crisis year for the country.


Poltavchenko is lucky that he does not need to report back to his townspeople, as well as specify where his land holdings are. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to explain how such a modest and charitable family has accumulated five plots of land in an elite cottage settlement on Rublevka, where the market value of real estate varies from 13 to 890 million rubles per a square meter. It seems like the football fans had a gut feeling when in 2012, they chanted “Sell your dacha - buy a stadium” on the Petrovsky Stadium. Although the value of his wealth is much less than the billions wasted for Zenit Arena, he would definitely have enough for the local shawarma.

According to Rosreestr (extracts are available to the editorial office), since December 2006, Poltavchenko owns five plots of land in the cottage village of Gorki-8. The area coincides with the declared. Their cadastral value exceeds 16.6 million rubles. Judging by his official biography, in the year when he acquired the real estate, he was a presidential envoy in the Central Federal District and was a member of the Security Council together with Sergei Shoigu, Yuri Chaika and Alexei Kudrin.

Gorki-8 was built in 2003 on the 16th kilometer of the Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway. The village occupies a total area of ​​about 68 hectares. There are townhouses for 10-20 million rubles and mansions for $ 20 million, only 120 households. The construction of an elite settlement was associated with the name of lawyer and businessman Dmitry Yakubovsky. 

Gorki-8, Greater Moscow. Poltavchenko’s house is marked by the red circle, a satellite photo

The ads on the sale of cottages describe the advantages of living in Gorki-8: “American medical health center, dental center, supermarket with its own bakery. <...> A large playground, a professional volleyball court were built. In the center of the village, there is a functioning Church of             Beheading of St John the Baptist with a monastic courtyard and a magnificent apple orchard on its territory. The village is serviced by its own service department; central water treatment and sewerage. The security of the residents is guaranteed by a paramilitary security service using the latest security technologies. The entrances to the village are equipped with a checkpoint, there is a security post on each street, a video surveillance system along the perimeter, and houses are equipped with an “alarm button”.

The site owned by Poltavchenko is included in the cooperative of individual developers Gorki-8. Judging by the panorama, it is located near the mentioned church in the Odintsovo District. On the plot, residential buildings surrounded by a fence are visible.

Russiangate compared Poltavchenko’s house with similar offers in Rublyovka. At the time of purchase, the market price of a house in this area could range from 28 million rubles to 62 million rubles, and a land plot could cost from 25 million rubles to 58 million rubles per a square meter. That is, he needed at least 53 to 120 million rubles to buy this property. But such means Poltavchenko could not earn during the last 10 years, if you believe his official declarations. And before that, he worked in less profitable positions. The editorial office knows nothing about the credit bondage of the St. Petersburg mayor.

Over the years, the market value of real estate in Gorki-8 has grown, improving the asset. Now, one can see the sale offers of similar land plots for 200-500 million rubles.

The fact that the St. Petersburg mayor owns real estate in Gorki-8 was exposed by Sobesednik (Interlocutor) as early as 2015. Among the neighbors of Poltavchenko, Sergei Lavrov, Lyudmila Narusova and Yuri Chaika were called. On Wikimapia, it is indicated that “the property of Yelena Baturina” is located nearby.

The St. Peterburg Governor’s property is located right behind the church, a photo from the panorama of Gorki-8

Poltavchenko’s closest neighbor is the former prefect of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow, politician Oleg Mitvol. He does not visit the Governor for a cup of tea, but he definitely sees the wooden house, surrounded by a fence, quite often.

“When I'm walking with a child, I pass by his house. It’s wooden, without gilded items and palace elements. Everything is modest enough. But I did not see him personally, and I never was inside. But, as I understand, after he became a governor of St. Petersburg, he does not appear in the house. Overall, a very quiet, good neighbor, does not fire fireworks, very modest," he confirmed. According to Mitvol, it was more expensive to build a house in Gorki-8 from scratch than to buy land.

However, judging by extracts from the Rosreestr, Poltavchenko bought a ready-made house. So, the first owners of the land plot were some other people. But then, the sale of these plots was conducted according to one pattern: Irina Yakubovskaya was selling the plot with a house to Sergei Mazanov, and the latter, after almost two years, to Stav Yakobi. After that, Poltavchenko acquired the plot.

Rosreestr map: Poltavchenko's property in Greater Moscow 


At the end of 1995, Poltavchenko, his wife and son owned a flat with an area of ​​117.5 sq. m. on the Kronverksky Avenue. As follows from the Rosreestr extract, they got it as a result of the barter agreement with the “City Repair and Construction Trust 1”. The company's website says that this company was an investor and general contractor for the construction of the house. This is an outbuilding on the side of the square in front of Lenfilm in St. Petersburg.

In 2002, the family decided to get rid of real estate, so Poltavchenko sold the apartment to a certain Grigory Tomchin, full namesake of the former State Duma deputy of the first and third convocations. At the 2003 Duma elections, an apartment of such a floor space was not indicated in the candidate's declaration. Now, the real estate is registered in Nadezhda Gutnitskaya’s name.

The market value of the asset can be estimated at 20-30 million rubles.

The Governor does not forget about this house even after the sale. For example, it is included in the regional overhaul program, the portal “Our St. Petersburg” says.


At the age of 21, Alexei Poltavchenko, the Governor’s son, became a co-owner of an apartment of 155 sq. m. on the Michurinskaya Street. Poltavchenko Sr. likes to remember in interviews that he once lived in a communal apartment in St. Petersburg. “From 7 to 17 years old I lived in a communal flat on Nevsky Prospekt,” he told the newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

His son owns more than half (736\1146 shares) of the house on the Michurinskaya. This living space was once a communal apartment as well, Rosreestr says.

The official layout of the fourth floor, 3/4 of which is owned by the son of Governor Poltavchenko

On the portal Our St. Petersburg, it says that the building is a pre-revolutionary six-story house not subjected to overhaul. However, over the past 10 years, its roof, lifts, heating system, electricity and running water systems were repaired. More than 13 million rubles were spent from the budget, and more will be spent. In February 2014, by Georgy Poltavchenko’s volitional decision the house got into the regional overhaul program: it is already included in six programs, it is said on the website of the housing company.

Apartments on the Michurinskaya Street can be purchased for 80-300 thousand rubles per a square meter, although you can find offers amount to 1.7 million rubles. According to conservative estimates, Poltavchenko Jr. is a co-owner of an apartment costing between 12 and 46 million rubles.

In Moscow, at the Rochdelskaya Street, 12 or in the “government house”, Alexei Poltavchenko owns 200.6 sq. m., wrote Novaya Gazeta. The investigation said that he privatized the apartment in 2004 when his father was the envoy in the Central Administrative District, and he himself celebrated his nineteenth birthday. The publication estimated this property at 100.4 million rubles. According to the law, state officials and members of their families can privatize state property under a social contract only by selling or exchanging existing property.


Since August 2008, Yekaterina Poltavchenko, the Governor's wife, owns an apartment of 210 sq. m. on the Vyazovaya Street in St. Petersburg. The apartment of such area is reflected in the declarations.

The cost per a square meter in the houses on this street varies from 270 to 430 thousand rubles. So, now the family asset can be estimated at 50-90 million rubles.

However, we remember that Yekaterina Poltavchenko brought several hundred thousand rubles a year to the family budget. And in the year of acquisition, she officially earned even less - 16.3 thousand rubles for the whole year. Pensioners who are below the poverty line, can only envy her.

Extract from the Rostreestr on transfer of the rights on property to Ekaterina Poltavchenko

It can be assumed that the spouse helped in the acquisition of real estate. But we do not see tens of millions of rubles in the 2008 declaration.

As the media reported, in 2008, Poltavchenko (then the CAD envoy) had the biggest income among his colleagues. He declared 6.8 million rubles. For comparison, the envoys of other regions earned 2-3 million less than Poltavchenko. His income then was even higher than the earnings of Sergei Naryshkin (in 2008, he was head of the Presidential Administration), Vladislav Surkov (deputy head of the Presidential Administration), Sergei Shoigu (head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations), Vladimir Putin (in the status of prime minister), Dmitry Medvedev (Russian president).

The portal Our St. Petersburg indicates that the house on the Vyazovaya Street was built in 2002. It is part of the residential complex Olympic Village, developed by the company Eurostroy. Prices for apartments vary from 24 to 140 million rubles. In the company, they said that an apartment of 200 sq. m. would cost 50-90 million rubles, depending on where the windows go: into the courtyard or with a view of the river.

“The internal infrastructure of the new building is carefully planned: a sports complex with a volleyball hall and a fitness center, tennis court, swimming pool, as well as a beauty salon and sauna are built on the territory. Apart from that, the residential complex has its own cinema, cafe, medical center and a supermarket. It also has a children's playroom, where you can leave the child under the supervision of a nanny. The tenants have access to the “porter system” (via it, you can call a taxi or book tickets, send things to the dry cleaning and get them back), and room-service, which can order cleaning and minor repairs, purchase of products, preparation and maintenance home celebrations, the delivery of food from restaurants," says the description of the Olympic Village.

"This apartment complex was mentioned today by friends who own an apartment there, but they do not live there, our governor lives there. Now,
all visitors must sign in and show ID, including the service staff, nannies, housekeepers, etc ... everything is monitored, the FSO guard is on duty there: like all migrant workers make repairs are kicked out or quietly leave themselves..." described a user of the Citywalls website one the most expensive high-rise buildings of St. Petersburg.

The house on the Vyazovaya

Thus, according to modest and unprofessional estimates, the Poltavchenko family purchased real estate worth from 123 to 240 million rubles.

The average arithmetic annual income of the Poltavchenko family is 5.5 million rubles. This means that to buy a house and two apartments (without taking into account the property of the son) they would need from 22 to 43 years to save up for such a property. They had to live on the street, walk and starve, or win a lottery, get an inheritance or make friends with leprechauns.

The Russiangate correspondent tried to find out from Georgy Poltavchenko on what means the real estate was purchased through the press service of Smolny. But the answer was not received.

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