The ‘Rich&Glare’ Style: Five Monstrous Design Solutions in Billionaires’ Villas

Russiangate looked through the most expensive villas in Russia and analyzed the main features of real estate worth more than 500 million rubles


Most houses for more than 500 million rubles sold on the websites for elite real estate look like palaces: it seems like princes and kings, dukes and barons gathered on Moscow's Rublyovka or the Vyborgsky District of the Leningrad Region. The Russian elite continues to imitate Versailles: everyone strives to build a small palace. Perhaps they think they live in the era of Louis XIV, the “sun king”. Some even build medieval castles.

This small medieval castle in the village of Nikolino (Rublyovka) costs $ 8.7 million. Inside, there are tapestries and a garden for a beautiful lady.


Rococo dominates the interior design of the house. Apparently, the residents of elite settlements try to imitate the Gatchina Palace - the words “curl” and “cartel” have been relevant in the Moscow Region from the 18th century to the present day. Carving, gilding, high pilasters and fashion for antique forms. Is there a fashion for powdered wigs, fard, powder blushers and beauty spots? Who knows? But in such interiors it is easy to say “let them eat cakes then” - that is, “there is no money. You hold on here, all the best, good mood and health.”

This house (2400 sq. m.) is also located in Skolkovo. In the advert it is indicated as the “Development Fund”. Thus, the innovative technological cluster became a new elite settlement with houses - for example, for $ 32 million (1.8 billion rubles).


By the way, coming back to Dmitry Medvedev. According to Russiangate, he carefully supervised the reconstruction of his residence, Gorki-9. The Prime Minister was not very interested in the figures: the work was done by companies involved in the “restorers' case” – how much they stole from Medvedev, cannot be counted. However, more closely, the head of the White House watched what materials used in the construction – the interior is dominated by mahogany.

Another trend is furniture, upholstered in leather. Armchairs, sofas and... even toilets.

ЭThis boudoir is located in a house on Nikolina Gora in the Moscow Region. The cost of the building is $ 9 million.


What is the best way to show the culture and spirituality of the owner of the house? Paintings! There are well-known fans of painting, like billionaire Rybolovlev. But every decent person aspires to decorate his house with works of art, even if the mansion starts resembling a museum.

Another detail that catches one’s eye: most of the studies do not have portraits of the President or the Russian flag. Although, in each and every one of them, there are icons, one or two, hang near the table.

Do not think that this is a very modest house. This study with icons is located in the mansion that costs 817 million rubles.


A typical set of infrastructure: a personal cinema, gym, swimming pool, sauna and billiards. Even if there is no place, money or strength, the pool will still be there. As they say, it’s small, but it’s yours!

This pool is located in a house in the village of Repino in the Leningrad Region. The house has an area of 970 sq. m. and costs 1 billion rubles.

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