The True Patriots of Russia: Officials Living in France

Most Russians live below the poverty line? Let them eat cakes!

Last time, we looked into which officials closely monitor the situation in Catalonia. This time, we are going to talk about those who visit France on a regular basis. Real estate of Russian officials around the world can be viewed on the map of the website Municipal Scanner. France is in demand among the State Duma deputies, ministers and regional officials.


Dmitry Peskov, whose regular answer to journalists’ questions is “I do not know” (which is completely unacceptable in a civilized society), owns real estate in Provence. Officially, it is registered in his son’s name, and, according to rumors, belongs to the former wife.

His daughter Elizaveta Peskova studies in France at the EDC Paris Business School. A year of study there costs € 8960, which amounts to 631 thousand rubles. His former wife, Yekaterina Solotsinskaya has been heading the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Paris since June this year.

Peskov himself and his wife Tatiana Navka began to show up aboard the yacht Maltese Falcon more often. The cost of a week trip on such a ship costs 26 million rubles.


It is not the first time Golushko became a deputy to the lower house of parliament: he alternated his MP position with a senator post from the Omsk Region. Now, he is a member of the Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship.


In France, his wife owns property: a two-story house with an area of ​​498 sq. m. and a land plot of 7.8 thousand sq. m. At one of the press conferences in February 2017, Golushko was asked whether he paid for general house needs in France. In response, he praised the French system of housing and communal services and added: “In France, morons are not allowed into power.”


Lev Kuznetsov – the wealthiest Russian minister – earned 582 million rubles in 2016; his wife earned 32 million rubles. In total, they own almost 50 thousand sq. m. of real estate, including: a house, plot of land, apartment and three garages in France. Another house of 210 sq. m. is rented by Inga Kuznetsova.

Kuznetsov’s villa is located in the town of Cap d'Antibes near Nice. There in 2013, Kuznetsov was attacked by robbers, who stole valuables in the house worth € 200,000. The villa of the oligarch Roman Abramovich is also located in Cap d'Antibes: its cost is $ 90 million.


Deputy Sergey Romanov has been working in the Tyumen Region Duma for more than ten years – since 2003. Now, Romanov is chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy and Nature Management. He also heads the regional branch of United Russia.

According to the official declaration, Sergey Romanov and his wife do not own foreign real estate. At the same time, the deputy’s two minor children have an apartment in France in their use. Its area in the declaration is not indicated: instead of the figure there is a dash.

“Northern” officials also prefer warm countries: for example, the family of the member of Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly, Sergey Moiseyev. His wife declared a house with an area of ​​187 sq. m. in France. She also owns other foreign real estate – an apartment of 60 sq. m. in Bulgaria.

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