Vladislav Reznik's American Dream

A member of the Russian Parliament Vladislav Reznik took the first place in the Forbes' 2010 list of the lobbyists. The Russiangate has been after that MP and his wife Diana Gindin for a long time. The Russiangate, for example, has found out that Reznik did not mention his spouse (ex-president of the Credit Suisse First Boston bank in Russia) in his 2015 tax declaration. Does it mean the couple has divorced, Anastasiya Khlopkova worries.

She takes it on with American heart

For Diana Gindin, the US has been the second homeland. She used to work in the New-York-based Credit Suisse First Boston bank and reportedly has the US passport. She and her husband prefer to invest in property in the States. Reznik mentioned the apartment owned by his wife in 2010-2014, but in 2015 the mentioning of the property was omitted along with Diana herself.

First of all, Reznik had declared her property incorrectly. The Russiangate found the 245.5-sq-m apartment in the Miami city hall's website This is quite routine for the Russian officials to buy property in the sunny state. Diana Gindin had also bought the apartment in a highrise in Bal Harbor.

House where the Rezniks own an apartement captured from the satellite
House where the Rezniks own an apartement captured from the satellite

Bal Harbor offers exclusively luxury property. This is a playground for the heirs of multimillionaires, royal families and celebrities. The community offers sand beaches, parks and entertainment infrastructure. The prices for the apartments their  swing around $3.7 mln.

According to the formal agreement, Diana Gindin purchased the apartment in 2008 but Reznik mentioned it in 2010 only. In 2008, Gindin took a mortgage of $1.433 mln, which has been confirmed with her signatures.

In 2008, Gindin took a mortgage of $1.433 mln, which has been confirmed with her signatures
In 2008, Gindin took a mortgage of $1.433 mln, which has been confirmed with her signatures

The mortgage contract mentions Gindin's Moscow address, where a two-level apartment is located. The same property was declared by Reznik in 2012. According to the Russian registry, the apartment had not been registered until 2012, despite Gindin had mentioned it as her permanent residence in 2008 yet in the mortgage contract.


The US law requires that the mortgage claimants must possess some other residence in case they are unable to re-pay the credit and are evicted form the property. In many US states a tenant cannot be evicted unless he or she has another dwelling. Thus the property owners insure themselves from some canny tenants who take mortgage, decline to repay but refuse to leave the property.

Spain, next stop Miami

Diana Gindin had signed the mortgage contract in the US Embassy in Moscow, with certain Olga Petrova as a witness – and, allegedly, Gindin's sister.

Petrov is a highly frequent Russian surname, still that may not be a mere coincidence, as Diana and Olga also shares the same patronymic.

In 2008 in Spain, a criminal case was opened against the Russian mafia ring led by Gennady Petrov. The investigators believed Petrov had covered money laundering conducted by Reznik and Gindin.

In 2008 in Spain polce arrested several Russian nationals suspected in participation in the Tambov criminal ring and searched Reznik's cottage on Majorka.

Police reported that Diana Gindin had taken part in decision-making of the criminal group, while Reznik had been Petrov's direct subordinate.

Reznik had got his €1.2 bln villa for free from the Immobiliaria Baler company. The MP later said he had bought the villa legally and called the accusations “ the political provocation”.

In 2015, a Spanish court accused 26 Russian and Spanish nationals of money laundering. Petrov, Reznik and Gindin had been among the suspects. They were ordered to attend the court hearing scheduled in January 2016 and post bail of €133 mln.

Neither obeyed, and the court had issued an international search warrant and arrested them in absentia. Eventually, the ruling regarding Reznik had been canceled.

The aide of Reznik confirmed the Russinagte that the MP has still been married to Gindin. That leaves the question opened, why Reznik did not mentioned his wife's income and property in his declaration in 2015.

Hunting the hunter

Beside property in Florida and Majorka, Vladislav Reznik also owns a 2.766-sq-m estate and a 22.500-sq-m land plot in Gorky village near Moscow. He bought the land in 2012.

Earlier this year, the Russiangate published the article “Reznik's Safari” about the MP's hobby.

The Russiangate has found vast land plots in Smolensk region owned by Reznik and Gindin and exceeding the territory of Monaco. The company owned by Reznik's son Alexander possesses 441,000-sq-m land plot there. Alexander also owns two hunting and bison-breeding firms in the region.

Reznik-senior does not conceal his passion for the elite hunting. He is a member of the “Mountain hunting club” where he boasts his trophies. Unlike his hunting achievements, though, Reznik has been reluctant to advertize his property “trophies” abroad.

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