Corruption weekly: 17-21 July

Russiangate covers the main investigations of this week

On 15 July, the Republic found out that the scandal surrounding the use of Siemens turbines in the construction of the TPP in Simferopol and Sevastopol is not the only sanctions violation in Crimea.

"The essence of most such schemes is the use of intermediaries. Another option is the distortion of information about the purpose of supply," the author writes, explaining the corruption mechanism.

Such schemes for circumvention of sanctions were used by tour operators, Ukrainian cellular companies, and European retail chains Metro and Auchan.

On July 16, the Insider tried looked into the history of Judge Khakhaleva and the marriage of her daughter lawyer Sergei Zhorin, estimated at $2 million.

Nikolai Baskov, Vera Brezhneva, Soso Pavliashvili and other pop stars all attended the wedding. Later, some of them said that they were invited to the celebration as guests.

The Insider writes that in 2016 Khakhaleva earned only 2.6 million rubles. "She declared two land plots of 3 and 8 hectare, as well as a dwelling house of a modest area of ​​66 meters. In her declaration there is no information on any property from her spouse or minor children. "

In June 2017, retiree Anna Danko filed a complaint with Khakhalev and several other Krasnodar judges to the presidential administration that she believed that as a result of court decisions, local residents were deprived of plots that later were obtained by a former member of the Tsapka gang.

On July 18, the Insider reported on the connection of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with the bankruptcy of German shipyards in the Baltic Sea.

"The Germans planned to sell the shipyards to the state, but eventually they went to private shareholders, among whom were leaders of the largest Russian organized criminal groups, as well as businessmen, ‘representing Dmitry Medvedev's interests.’ Moreover, according to direct participants of the transactions, one of those who was supposed to receive part of the proceeds from the project was Vladimir Putin personally," the newspaper writes.

On July 19 and 20, Novaya Gazeta published a two part investigation about how a Federal Security Service special operation was conducted to eliminate the gray import channel in the North-West Customs Administration zone of the FCS and who received profits from it.

As a result of the operation, the co-owner and the head of ULS Global Igor Khavronov was arrested. ULS Global monthly brought about $ 30 million in income to its owners. Khavronov was detained by operatives against the backdrop of Turkish-Russian sanctions: the businessman tried to gain exclusive access to Turkish markets, but eventually ended up in custody.

A year ago, RBC wrote about about ULS Global: according to the customs documents of the company, smuggled goods were imported into Russia worth billions of dollars. A former employee of the firm assumes that the patronage of ULS Global was provided by Pavel Smolarchuk, an operative of the Main Department for Combating Smuggling (GUBC) of the FCS of Russia, and Vadim Uvarov, the head of the 7th department (which supervises customs) of the "K" Directorate of the ESS FSS. These same names were mentioned by "Novaya Gazeta".

On July 20, "ProVladimir" talked about procurement corruption schemes for medical institutions in the Vladimir region. Often the conditions for participation in auctions were written so that only certain companies could take part.

In addition, to determine the maximum price of the contracts, medical institutions often addressed formally different, but in fact related companies.

"Contracts were won by the same firms when the Prosecutor General's Office revealed a ‘multiple overstatement of the value of goods.’ But the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not see ‘sufficient’ evidence of the crime and even the grounds for initiating a criminal in this matter," concludes ProVladimir.

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