How much the Day of Russia costs

Tutorial on bell-ringing and ski boots: what the authorities ordered to celebrate the Russia Day.

The nation celebrated June 12, the Russia Day, with anti-corruption rallies. The Russiangate found out how the state organizations had been preparing for the holiday.

The Culture ministry paid 33 mln rub to mark the Russia Day in Bulgaria, where 18 events took place in five cities. The Bulgarians could attend the forum on pilgrimage and religious tourism, a conference on inter-Church dialogue and the tutorial on bell-ringing.

From Yekaterina Solovyova’s project about holidays in the Russian province, photo –

In Krasnoyarsk, 1.2 mln rub spent for the city streets’ decorationsж 621,000 rub to pay the air tickets for the Turetsky Chorus performance; 2 mln rub were paid to the L’one rapper’s show. The festival “Russia Day. Commonwealth on Yenisei” cost 400,000 rub.

In Syktyvkar, 250,000 rub spent on the extreme powerlifting competitions and 130,000 rub on the Dagestan tightrope walkers performance.

In Perm, 256,000 rub spent on the smiths festival and musical concerts. In Vologda, 100,000 rub were paid to the Mamulki Band’s performance.

In Yekaterinburg, 706,000 rub spent on the “Prasing Russia and the city” music and political event.

From Yekaterina Solovyova’s project about holidays in the Russian province, photo –

In Murmansk, 900,000 rub spent on a range of holiday events with confetti, serpentine, air balloons and doves used to create the mood of festivities.

In Ulyanovsk, 292,000 rub spent for the toddler bicycles and 281,000 rub went for glorification of the female participants of the “Give life to a patriot” event. The event took place for the 12th time on the governor’s initiative. The city presents the locally-made UAZ Patriot SUV (814,000 rub) to the families who gave birth on June 12.

From Yekaterina Solovyova’s project about holidays in the Russian province , photo –

In Moscow, the Times and Epochs festival consumed 45 mln rub in 2016. Overall, the capital staged 150 events on the Russia Day.

The Presidential Administration conducted a reception worth 9 mln rub, with one million spent of the carpets alone.

FSB’s military unit 55056 ordered the mountain-ski gear worth 935,000 rub on June 9. On June 5, the same unit ordered one more set of gear worth 35 mln rub.

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