Passport for a Million: Which Countries Give Citizenship for Investments?

Here’s the list of countries where corrupt officials can flee

In order to obtain foreign citizenship, one does not have to marry, have a particular niche specialty or family ties. For businessmen and corrupt officials, there is another way – to invest in the economy. Russiangate publishes a list of countries in which you can obtain citizenship without living there. You just need to invest money in the country’s development.


The prise for citizenship of this country of central Europe is the highest. Austrian law allows “awarding” the citizenship to those who invested from € 10 million in industry with the creation of job places. After receiving the Austrian passport, you can freely enter into 150 countries.


The citizenship of the island state in the Mediterranean Sea can be obtained for investments in the economy amounting to at least € 2.5 million. After that, within six months, an application for a passport will be considered. Cyprus is part of the European Union, and its citizenship allows visa-free entry into 157 countries.


Having invested € 650 thousand in the economy, in 12-14 months, you can get the citizenship of another island state that is part of the EU. The passport of this country allows you to travel freely to 166 countries around the world.


Saint Kitts and Nevis is an island near North America, bordered by the Caribbean Sea. There are two funds one can invest money in to obtain its citizenship. The first is the Fund for Assistance to Victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, where $ 150,000 is sufficient. The second is the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund; the amount of the contribution would be $ 250 thousand. Documents for citizenship will be considered within 3-6 months. The passport of this island country will provide visa-free access to 124 countries around the world.


The Caribbean, an island state, a fund: a standard scheme for these neighbouring states. After donating $ 200,000 to the National Transformation Fund, one gets Grenada’s citizenship within two months, which guarantees visa-free travel to 116 countries.


It is another island state located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, near Guadeloupe. In order to become a citizen of this country, one needs to make a one-time grant of $ 100 thousand to the National Fund for Transformation. The application will be reviewed within 3-6 months. Visa-free entry to 124 countries.


This country is in the Caribbean Sea on an island formed after volcanic eruptions. To obtain its citizenship, this state proposes to make a contribution to the Fund for the Diversification of the Economy of Dominica, in amount of $ 100 thousand. The application is promised to be considered in a period of three to six months. After that, the new citizen enjoys visa-free entry to 112 countries.


The last country of the Caribbean islands which offers citizenship in exchange for investment. The conditions are similar to the rest: a contribution of $ 100 thousand to the National Economic Fund. Within a maximum of four months, the investor receives citizenship, which gives the opportunity to travel without a visa to 120 countries around the world.


The system of obtaining citizenship for investments is planned to be introduced in Russia. At the moment, this bill is being finalized. If it is accepted, then investing $ 10 million in the development of the Far East, will be make the investor eligible for the Russian passport within a simplified procedure. Visa-free regime with 105 countries of the world.

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