Rating: The Wealthiest Officials of Krasnodar Region

Earning more than 100 million rubles a year, having 50 apartments and own chapels

The wealthiest officials of the Krasnodar Region work in the local Legislative Assembly. In 2016, Sergei Prokopenko, a member of the Committee on Industry, Construction and Housing, declared more than anyone else. His annual income is 226 million rubles.

His property includes a ½ of a land plot (15,800 sq. m.), residential building (524 sq. m.) and a “building” (24,000 sq. m.), as well as five buildings with a total area of ​​3.9 thousand sq. m. Two more land plots (the total area – 19 thousand sq. m.) are in his possession. Sergei Prokopenko owns two cars – Bentley Flying Spur and Land Rover Range Rover.


Sergei Prokopenko is not only a deputy, but also a businessman. He is listed as the founder of 18 companies in the Krasnodar Region. One of his companies – Expo LLC is successful in the state procurement field. In 2015, it won a tender for the agro-industrial exhibition Kuban Fair.

The customer – the Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of the Krasnodar Region – paid Prokopenko’s company 63 million rubles. The official’s brother, Alexey Prokopenko, who is the former assistant to the ex-governor of Kuban, deputy of the State Duma Alexey Tkachev, owns shares in the same company.

The second place in terms of income among the Krasnodar deputies is taken by Fyodor Yanishoglo, a member of the Committee on the issues of sanatorium and resort complex and tourism. In 2016, he declared 148.8 million rubles of income.

According to the EGRUL, Fyodor Yanishoglo owns four companies: the agricultural enterprise Rossiya, several sanatoria under the brand Feya (Fairy) and Feya-Mebel (Fairy-Furniture) in Anapa.

The list of Yanishoglo’s real estate occupies more than one page of his income statement. He has 51 apartments (total area - 3.3 thousand sq. m.), a land plot (532 sq. m.), apartment house (381 sq. m.) and three garages.

In the same list, there are two administrative buildings, 12 non-residential buildings, 12 doritory blocks, a medical building, dining room and a swimming pool. He also owns 45 agricultural land plots. The most unusual property in the estate of the deputy is the chapel.

His property also includes an extensive list of vehicles – five cars, among which there are VAZ 21061, Mercedes Benz ML350, Mercedes Benz GL400 Matic, Mercedes Benz E200, Ford Explorer, Zoomlion truck and KAMAZ truck mixer.

The official’s spouse declared 390 thousand rubles of the annual income, a shop space(340 sq. m.) and two identical cars of the brand Audi A3 Cabriolet.


Deputy of the Legislative Assembly Petr Galenko, who also is a member of the Committee on Financial, Taxation, Economic Policy, Entrepreneurship, Financial Markets and Foreign Economic Relations, is the third in the list of the wealthiest officials of the Krasnodar Region. In the declaration for 2016, he indicated 135.9 million rubles of income.

Petro Galenko also has a business in the Kuban. He owns a company for the production of confectionery products called Galan LLC, a company for growing cereals Selhoz-Galan LLC, Kurganinsky Khlebokombinat (Bakery) LLC and several other agricultural companies.

Galenko owns three dwelling houses (their total area is 715 sq. m.), a chapel church and a boat garage. There are 18 plots of land in his property: two of them are intended for private subsidiary farming (their area is 2.3 thousand sq. m.), three for residential construction (total area – 2.3 thousand sq. m.), one for a boat garage (671 sq. m.), and one more for the chapel (559 sq. m.). 11 more plots are agricultural. Six more such plots are in the deputy’s use.

The Krasnodar official declared not only the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, but also agricultural machinery: 16 tractors with seven trailers, a self-propelled chassis, two excavators and four combine harvesters.

Galenko's wife earned 12.2 million rubles for the year. There are also a lot of real estate items in her property – 15 apartments (total area - 798 sq. m.), as well as a shop and land plots for it, a pizzeria, sauna, office facilities, warehouse, shop, pumping facility and workshops.

On the fourth place in the rating of the richest Krasnodar deputies is Andrei Kuemzhiev, the secretary of the Committee on Industry, Construction and Housing and Communal Services. He declared 121.2 million rubles of income in 2016.

The deputy is listed as the founder of Agrofirma Kuban LLC, Kontsern Agropromyshlennykh Prepriyatiy Vozrozhdeniye LLC (Concern of agro-industrial enterprises Vozrozhdenie), companies for the production and trade of cereals – Delta LLC and Rezerv LLC.

Kuemzhiev indicated four apartments with a total area of ​​458 sq. m. in the declaration, as well as a garage, car GAZ 3102 and motorcycle Honda VTX 1800F. His wife indicated 268 thousand rubles, a share of the land for agriculture, apartment of 143.7 sq. m. and a Mercedes-Benz ML 350.


The deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Mikhail Kovalyuk, with the income of 71 million rubles closes our rating. He is a member of the Committee on Industry, Construction and Housing.

He owns 13 legal entities in Novorossiysk. Among them, there are construction companies JSC Hyperborea, YugStroy LLC and others, as well as restaurant and textile business.

In the deputy’s list of real estate, there is a house (area – 538 sq. m.), apartment (51 sq. m.), four non-residential premises (491 sq. m.) and several land plots. One of them is 960 sq. m. and is intended for residential construction, and the remaining three (total area – 2.1 thousand sq. m.) – for the operation of a canteen.

Mikhail Kovalyuk drives Mercedes-Benz ML 350. The wife of the official owns two cars – Jaguar XKR and Lexus GS300. She declared 2.1 million rubles of income and an apartment of 196 sq. m.

The Governor of the Krasnodar Region Veniamin Kondratiev declared the amount more modest than his subordinates. His annual income is 2 million rubles, his wife's income is 388 thousand rubles. The property of the Head of the Krasnodar Region includes an apartment of 226 sq. m. and a dwelling house in use (70 sq. m.). The Head of Kuban has two cars – VAZ 2107 and UAZ 3159.

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