Rating: The Wealthiest Officials of Tatarstan

The richest deputies of the republic have not only power, but also business

Russiangate continues the series of materials about Russia's wealthiest officials. This time we went through the declarations of the officials of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The income of head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov is not the highest in the republic. In 2016, he declared 7.5 million rubles. The first person in the country has no real estate, but has a right to use a house (263 sq. m.), two land plots (total area – 2190 sq. m.), an apartment (174 sq. m.) and a guest house (110 sq. m.).

The real estate used by Minnikhanov belongs to his wife Gulcina. In addition to Russian sites, houses and apartments, she also has property overseas – an apartment of 222 sq. m. and two parking spaces in the United Arab Emirates. In her declaration, it is indicated that Minnikhanova inherited the foreign real estate.

In 2016, Gulcina Minnikhanova was the wealthiest wife of public servants and deputies of Russia. Her income was 2.4 billion rubles, which is 313 times more than her husband's.

At the same time, her declaration says that 2.2 billion rubles from this amount were received by Minnikhanova from the sale of a stake in a company: in April 2016, she sold half of the shares in the elite Luciano Spa complex to the Cyprus offshore Santerna Holdings Limited, whose ultimate beneficiary is unknown.

The richest officials in Tatarstan serve in the State Council. These deputies’ incomes amount to hundreds of millions of rubles. The first place is occupied by Vyacheslav Zubarev, a member of the Budget, Taxes and Finance Committee. In 2016, he declared 641.4 million rubles.


Zubarev combines civil service with entrepreneurship: he heads a group of companies TransTechServis – the largest Russian car dealer. The deputy declared two land plots (total area – 9890 sq. m.), two apartments (435 sq. m.) and a parking place.

The second place of our rating is taken by State Council deputy Ravil Ziganshin, a member of the Committee on Law and Order. The official’s annual income is 163.5 million rubles. He also combines the deputy service with business. He controlled the construction company called Proizvodstvenno-stroitelnoye Obyedineniye Kazan (Production and Construction Association Kazan). The official’s spouse declared 131.2 million rubles of income.

Ravil Ziganshin owns a land plot (1255 sq. m.), dwelling house (894 sq. m.) and six non-residential premises (total area – 1483 sq. m). He has three parking spaces and three other items, described in the declaration as “other real estate”: their total area is 29,424 sq. m. Two more land plots (66,658 sq. m.) and an apartment (82 sq. m.) are in Ziganhin’s use.


Another deputy of the Tatarstan State Council, Muslima Latypova, a member of the Committee for Economics, Investment and Entrepreneurship, indicated 109.8 million rubles of income in his declaration. In 2015, she was included in the list of Russia’s richest women according to Forbes. She has her own business - a supermarkets chain Bakhetle.

Latypova’s property includes five plots of land (total area – 13 517 sq. m.) and the same number of houses (2,432 sq. m.). She also owns an apartment (61 sq. m.), garage and two items from the category “other property” (188 sq. m.).

The fourth place in the ranking of the richest deputies of the Republic of Tatarstan went to Rustam Sabirov, a member of the Committee on Economics, Investment and Entrepreneurship. His annual income was 101 million rubles, his wife's income – 24.9 million rubles. Sabirov is not only a deputy, but also a CEO of holding Tatnefteprodukt.

He declared two land plots (total area – 2388 sq. m.), half of a house with an area of ​​350 sq. m. and half of a house of 197 sq. m. The rest of the house is owned by his wife.


Rustam Khalimov, a member of the Committee on Environment, Nature Management, Agro-Industrial and Food Policy, was also among the five leaders in terms of income. He declared 89.8 million rubles in 2016. His wife indicated 1.2 million rubles in her declaration. Khalimov is also associated with the oil business: he is deputy CEO for the development and production of oil and gas of PJSC Tatneft.

In his declaration, there are five plots of land (total area – 3154 sq. m.), three dwelling houses (1060 sq. m.), as well as two cars – Mercedes-Benz ML 350 and Mercedes-Benz GLE 400.

According to the law “On the status of a deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan”, local deputies have no right to engage in other paid activities. But only those who work in the State Council full time. Those who belong to the top 5 of the richest deputies of Tatarstan have nothing to do with that.

Deputies from the list of the “full time” ones declare lower incomes than their businessmen colleagues: the majority earns about 2 million rubles per annum. However, there are those who have managed to earn more on the post of a deputy. Farid Mukhametshin, Chairman of the State Council of Tatarstan, in 2011, declared 11.3 million rubles. An amount close to it – 11.6 million rubles – was declared by Raul Rahmatullin, a member of the Committee on State Construction and Local Government.

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