Rating: The Wealthiest Officials of the Crimea

Crimean officials grow their wealth at full pelt

In conformity with the Russian laws, Crimean officials published their income for 2016. For all who got into the Crimean top-5, last year was the most profitable.

The wealthiest officials of the peninsula are deputies of the Republic’s Federal Council. The first place is taken by the Chairman of the Council, Vladimir Konstantinov. His official income in 2016 amounted to 83.9 million rubles. This is nine times more than a year earlier (9.1 million rubles in 2015).

Konstantinov owns an apartment (95 sq. m.) and five non-residential premises (their total area is 6,108 sq. m.). He owns four cars (Land Rover Range Rover, BMW 750LI XDRIVE AWD, Jeep Wrangler, Chevrolet Corvette) and a trailer.


Previously, Vladimir Konstantinov headed the construction company Console – the largest developer of the Crimea. Now, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Konstantinov is not associated with any business, but it is believed that he continues to control the company.

Another deputy of the Crimean Federal Council, Frunze Mardoyan, who also is president of the company Corporation FM, took the second place of our rating. His official income was 76.8 million rubles. His figure also increased compared to last year: then, the official declared 41 million rubles of income.

Mardoyan owns two land plots (total area of ​​1,555 sq. m.), a residential building (182 sq. m.), shopping center (32,823 sq. m.), two non-residential buildings (1,977 sq. m.), as well as an office and expo-center (808 sq. m.). Another five land plots (23,264 sq. m.) and a house (1,470 sq. m.) are in the deputy’s use. The official’s car park includes: Mercedes S550, BMW 745 LI, GAZ-14 Chaika, Toyota Lexus LX 570.

Another member of the Crimean Federal Council, Svetlana Shabelnikova, declared 60.2 million rubles in 2016. The declaration states that she combines her official post with individual entrepreneurship. In addition to IP, she owns the company Krymturservis-2004 LLC.


Svetlana Shabelnikova owns 16 land plots (their total area amount to 11,428 sq. m.), as well as 18 non-residential premises (the total area is 15,792 sq. m.). She owns two more apartments (118 sq. m.) and ¼ of an apartment of 56 sq. m.

She also has a property in use: a plot of land (700 sq. m.), dwelling house (319 sq. m.) and an apartment (74 sq. m.). Shabelnikova declared one vehicle – a Mercedes-Benz ML 350 BlueTEC 4Matic.

The fourth place in the ranking of the wealthiest Crimean officials was taken by the Chairman of the State Council Committee for Construction and Housing, Leonid Babashov. He indicated 21.7 million rubles in his declaration for 2016. This is 12 times more than in 2015, in which his income was 1.8 million rubles.

Babashov's incomes are formed not only from the deputy’s salary – in the Republic, he owns his own business engaged in construction and maintenance of roads. Leonid Babashov is the sole founder of Blik LLC, a company that founded Alt-Era LLC. The share in it is owned by the official’s son, Arthur Babashov.

The company affiliated with the official from the profile construction committee does not hesitate to participate in budget competitions. Over the past two years, Alt-Era has won state contracts for a total of 137 million rubles.

In his property list, Babashov indicated not only five plots of land (their total area is 17,624 sq. m.) and a dwelling house (92 sq. m.), but also a mill, as well as an commercial facility with a pharmacy and office premises (127 sq m.) . Two of the five land plots are located on the territory of Ukraine, says the declaration.

Three more plots of land are in the official’s use. Their total area is 2,834 sq. m. Babashov owns two cars, Porsche Cayenne and BMW X5, and four trucks – DAF Trucks, GAZ 5312, GAZ 53A and KRAZ 258B1, as well as a platform-trailer and three tank-trailers. The official also owns a sports vessel Melges 24. The cost of such a vessel on the market varies from 16 to 112 thousand USD.

Another deputy of the State Council, Sergei Borodkin, declared 21 million rubles in 2016, which is twice as much as a year earlier. He owns two apartments: one with an area of ​​80 sq. m. in Russia, the second one’s area is ​​34 sq. m. and it is located in the Ukraine. In addition, he owns three land plots (total area - 3,707 sq. m.), a residential house (34 sq. m.) and a Land Rover. One non-residential premises of 30 sq. m. is in Borodkin's use.


Borodkina is called the business partner of Sergei Aksenov’s family. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, three companies are currently assigned to Borodkina: Gals LLC, Stels-Yug LLC and KIPK Kievinvestprom LLC. Gals LLC in Ukraine was controlled by Lyudmila Dobrynia – mother-in-law of the head of the Crimea, who also was involved in the Public Chamber of the Crimea. Now, this company, as well as Stels-Yug LLC, is divided in halves – between Borodkina and Sergei Aksenov’s wife.

The official income of Sergei Aksenov himself is quite modest in comparison with the mentioned figures. In 2016, he declared 2.6 million rubles, but his wife earned 32.8 million rubles in the same year. The head of the Crimea has no declared property and vehicles, but Yelena Aksenova owns three apartments (total area - 178 sq. m.) and six non-residential premises (total area is 562 sq.m.). She also owns a BMW 750Li xDrive.

Aksenov's wife owns several Crimean enterprises that work in real estate, trade and production. Already mentioned Stels-Yug LLC and Gals LLC are among them.

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