Russia’s Central Election Commission Member’s Income By The Numbers

Russiangate analyzed the income of the members of the Russian Electoral Commission


The Central Election Commission consists of 15 members. Its chairman Ella Pamfilova has the highest income, which last year was 30.6 million rubles. She was elected chairman of the CEC in March 2016. A year earlier, when she held the post of Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, she earned markedly less, only 7.6 million rubles.

According to her 2016 declaration, Pamfilova owns a plot of land (2000 sq. m.), a residential house (230 sq. m.), an apartment (86 sq. m.), a garage (35 sq. m.) and a Volkswagen Beetle.


The second wealthiest member of the Central Election Commission is Vasily Likhachev, who earned 12.3 million rubles in 2016. The CEC member owns only a garage (14 sq. m.) and a "residential building without registration rights" (414 sq. m.). The official also uses a 183 sq. m. apartment. Vasily Likhachev also owns an Audi A6. His wife’s income was reported at 414 thousand rubles.

Member Boris Ebzeev reported 10.4 million rubles in income and owns two apartments (a total area of ​​193 sq. m.), as well as a Land Rover Discovery-3. His wife declared income of 373.7 thousand rubles. She owns a share in an apartment (134 sq. m.) and a Land Rover Discovery.

The annual income of CEC member Alexander Klyukin was 8.9 million rubles. His wife earned much more in 2016, 100.5 million rubles. This is the highest income among relatives of employees of the Central Election Commission.

Alexander Klyukin himself does not own real estate, an apartment (115 sq. m.) belongs to his spouse. In addition to the apartment, she has a garage (18 sq. m.) and two cars, a Lexus RX 200 and Lexus GS 450h. Alexander Klyukin also owns a BMW K 1200 LT motorcycle.

The last in the top five wealthiest members of the Central Election Commission is Nikolai Levichev with an income of 7.4 million rubles. He also declared a land plot (2,500 sq. m.), a residential house (358 sq. m.) and a Hyundai Equus.

Levichev’s wife’s income comprised 1.9 million rubles. She owns more real estate than her husband, three land plots (total area is 4,900 sq. m.) as well as a residential house (231 sq. m.) and two apartments (159 sq. m.).


Each region has its own election commission branch. The wealthiest regional member was the chairman of the election commission of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Andrey Gibert, at 28.4 million rubles in 2016. This amount is comparable to the income of CEC Chairman Ella Pamfilova.

Andrei Gibert owns two apartments (total area 198.1 sq. m.) and a garage (26.3 sq. m.). Two more apartments (total area 171 sq. m.) and three land plots (3,052 sq. m.) are at the official's disposal. He also has usage rights on a non-residential premises (104.3 sq. m.) and a parking place (14.9 sq. m.). The Chairman of the Yamal-Nenets Central Electoral Commission owns a Hyundai Tucson.

The second wealthiest regional member is the Chairman of the CEC of the Novosibirsk region Olga Blago. She declared 15.4 million rubles in 2016, which includes income from the sale of land and a residential building. She also owns an apartment (35.7 sq.m.) and a Skoda Yeti. She also has usage rights to two apartments (102.1 sq.m.) and a parking place.

The third wealthiest regional member is Igor Halin from the Tyumen region. He reported an annual income of 9.4 million rubles and owns an apartment (164.2 sq.m.), a land plot (​​2,000 sq.m.) and a Volkswagen Tiguan.

Election commissions chairmen in four regions, Oksana Talyzina in the Chukotka Autonomous District, Nurbiy Samogov in the Republic of Adygea, Oleg Zakharov in the Yaroslavl Region and Alexander Nalvadov in the Orenburg Region, have not yet published declarations on their income.

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