What is Known about the New Governor of the Pskov Region? Briefly

Who was appointed instead of Andrey Turchak

New acting governor of the Pskov Region Mikhail Vedernikov is in many respects similar to his predecessor Andrey Turchak. They are of the same age, both are from Leningrad, and both come from pro-Kremlin youth organizations. The Pskov Region, meanwhile, is one of the most degraded regions of the country, which means a very difficult task for Vedernikov, especially in the context of the upcoming presidential elections, before which Russian politician usually tend to introduce some improvements into people's lives. Russiangate studied the career path of the new appointee, who will be presented in the region today, and found out what the criminal case of kidnapping has to do with him.

“The staff reserve”, “the presidential hundred”, “politburo”: the top echelons of power do not make a secret of the fact that they are growing their support by preparing young managers. Obviously, when selecting a candidate for the next region, no one actually cares about the sphere of tasks that the candidate was previously engaged in or his immersion in the affairs of the region: at the President's call, one must be ready to steer any situation.

Mikhail Vedernikov was waiting for appointment in early 2017 – then, his candidacy was seriously considered for the position of head of Rosmolodezh (Russian Youth Association). However, the post was given to Alexander Bugaev. Vedernikov remained on the bench.

It is worth noting that his name as a replacement for Turchak was not called in advance either by the media or by anonymous telegram channels. Russiangate’s source in the Presidential Administration said that Vedernikov was approved at the last moment. Turchak himself lobbied Senator Alexander Borisov for his post, a longtime acquaintance of his father.

Mikhail Vedernikov was born on March 7, 1975 in Vyborg, the Leningrad Region. He graduated from the North-West Academy of Public Service of the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.

The future governor began to work at the Vyborg plant Elektroinstrument as a sawdust worker, and, in 1996-1997, as a watchman-controller at CJSC Servistur.

Vedernikov began to take the first steps in his political career as the first deputy chairman of the regional branch of the organization Youth Unity in 2000. It is to be recalled that in 2005, this organization was transformed into the Young Guard.

From 2001 to 2005, Vedernikov was a deputy of the Vyborg District Municipal Assembly, in 2005-2009, he was a deputy of Vyborg’s Council of Deputies. From 2006 to 2010, he headed the Public Youth Chamber in the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region. In 2007-2010, he was the first deputy head of the regional executive committee of the regional branch of United Russia.

In his native Vyborg, fellow deputies remember Vedernikov as a neutral politician. ‘He was a regular guy. He was handsome, intelligent, he did not talk much, he did a lot on youth policy,’ head of the Vyborg District Administration Gennady Orlov told Fontanka.ru.

However, after the appointment, Vedernikov was also recalled in Vyborg in the context of a criminal case. In 2005, when the future governor was still a deputy of the Municipal Assembly, he, along with his brother Nikolay, was detained on suspicion of kidnapping a person. This story was covered by RIA Novosti.

Nikolai Vedernikov

According to the investigation, the Vedernikov brothers at a petrol station in Vyborg, under the threat of violence, forced some Dmitry Zaigraev to get into a BMW of the future acting governor. Zaigraev was taken to a forest near Vyborg. As a result, ‘bodily injuries were inflicted, which were determined as a mild bodily harm’. Law enforcers believed that the brothers demanded from their victim $ 600 and three of his minibuses. Zaigraev himself appealed to the law enforcement agencies and the Vedernikovs were detained at the time of the transfer of the money. Interestingly, there is no information about the future of the criminal case in the media. The Prosecutor's Office of the Leningrad Region could not quickly provide Russiangate with information on the case due to its statutes of limitation.

In 2010, Vedernikov started working in the Presidential Administration. At first, he served as an adviser to the regional policy department, then, headed the department for work with the regions of the Southern and North Caucasus Federal Districts. In 2012, he began to work in the embassy of the North Caucasus Federal District in the capacity of a deputy envoy. It is noteworthy that he maintained his seat with all three authorized representatives – Alexander Khloponin, Sergey Melikov and Oleg Belaventsev.

In February, when the appointment to Rosmolodezh was already passing by, Vedernikov was transferred to the position of a deputy chairman in another district – the North-Western one. There, he oversaw the Kaliningrad Region.


Vedernikov, by virtue of his posts, never had to publish declarations of income. Also, a little is known about his family status: he is married, has two daughters and a son. The only thing we know about Vedernikov's wife is that she is from the Kaliningrad Region. According to three fines from the traffic police (they can be tracked by taxpayer's tax ID), Mikhail Vedernikov owns a car.

In Vyborg, Vedernikov tried to start his own business several times. At the beginning of 2000s, he opened a beauty salon Garant and managed in until 2009. He was also a co-owner of several companies: the travel agency Baltic Tour, the wholesale company Thermostat and the advertising agency Business Inform. These companies did not bring him serious profits. Vedernikov had got rid of all these enterprises right before he moved to Moscow.

Now, his family owns the beauty salon Garant, the half of it belongs to Yulia Vedernikova. The CEO is Tatiana Vedernikova. She also owns Logiskom LLC and, with founder of the Sevkomtekh partnership Oleg Budnikov, she shares an ownership of a garage cooperative. The father of the future governor was in the same partnership; and the partnership itself was registered at the plant Elektroinstrument, where once Vedernikov Jr. worked.

The new acting governor’s brother also made a career, only in St. Petersburg. From March 2017, Nikolay Vedernikov holds a post of deputy director for general issues of the state treasury institution called Center for Integrated Improvement.

Nikolay Vedernikov came to the CII in May 2016 as the head of the capital construction department. Prior to that, he was an adviser in the state enterprise Kurortnoye, which is subordinate to the Committee for the Improvement of St. Petersburg and deals with roads. There, he supervised the activities of the purchasing and bidding department.

According to the official biography, he began his career in Sevkomtech LLC in 1996: ‘performed the duties of assembling component parts for tractors.’ Then, until October 2012, he ‘worked in various positions in commercial structures’, ‘performed duties on procurement and organization of deliveries of road construction equipment, formation of spare parts warehouses, building of client base, maintenance of orders’. In October, he joined the monitoring service of the City Emergency Repair Service of the Housing Fund of St. Petersburg under the Housing Committee.

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