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Poklonskaya vs Transparency Int’l

Confrontation between the int’l organization and a Russian MP: either to declare an apartment in Donetsk or to lock in whistleblowers? On June 7, the Transparency International Russia (TIR) published a report about the property of an MP Natalia Poklonskaya she had failed to declare. The former Crimea’s prosecutor immediately fought back, saying that the whistleblowers would be “locked in”. But the confrontation between her and the investigators started much earlier. In April, the officials and...

Corruption Weekly: May 29 - June 2

Corruption weekly news: May 29 - June 2 May 29. The RBC news agency publishes investigative report about Russia’s first IT-city Innopolis (Tatarstan). The project envisaged the best programmers will come here from over Russia to work out their products and technologies, attracting investors. The authorities invested 12.5 bln rub ($227 mln) into the Russian Silicon Valley but only the businessmen closed to the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and relatives of the Communications minister Nikolai...

Presidential dachas in Crimea

Federal Guard Service (FSO) has been re-planning the state dachas and sanatorium in Yalta, and German, Belarusian and Ukrainian companies cooperate there braving the sanctions Federal Guard Service (FSO) deals with maintenance of the state dachas and sanatoriums in Yalta, it received in 2014. Now the sites have been refurbished to meet the taste of the Russian leaders. Anastasia Khlopkova studied what money would be spent for that refurbishment and who the FSO had contracted to do that work. Villagers...

Bury a President

How much does it cost taxpayers to bury a President, a Head of Government or an Honoured Artist? The state top officials pays from the state budget even for their own funerals, with the contractors of that service remain unchanged for years. Sofia Savina found out the cost of the VIP funerals and who makes money from that. The most dear death The state fully pays for funerals of several categories of citizens, such as homeless people or those dead who are abandoned by their relatives, as well as...

Pioneering renovations

“Renovations for people”: how one of the development companies sneaked into the program of massive demolition of the old housing The development company Pioner plans to build 200 apartments to resettle the residents under Moscow renovation program in exchange for their consent to demolish their old five-storey houses. Anastasia Khlopkova found out what is the Pioner and who has helped it to take part in the renovation program. Housing on industrial scale The Pioner development company will build...

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