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Samara governor: flying high

Samara governor Nikolai Merkushin became a celebrity in the Internet in one week, after his remarks regarding the Alan Dulles Plan and “bad taste” of a worker which was the reason why she had not been paid. But these remarks have been the only reason why the governor became a popular person in Russia. Latest remarks made by Nikolai Merkushin in public rendered him a popular person in the RuNet. On Aug 23, he was meeting with workers of a machine-building plant. The plant management owes its employees...

Marat Khusnullin is the wheelman of the city construction

Moscow's deputy Mayor in charge of city construction policy Marat Khusnullin is one of the most influential officials in the team of Sergei Sobyanin. He survived a dozen of corruption scandals and accusations of destroying Moscow's historical face. Still, he keeps staying firmly afloat. WHO IS MR. KHUSNULLIN? Marat Khusnullin was born and started his career in Tatarstan. In 1990, he graduated Kazan financial-economic institute as an economist. After army service he started working in the university...

How Moscow mayor's office jogs on

A battle has been raging over the Kuskovo Forest Park and estate throughout the whole summer: the locals are trying to save a protective zone around the heritage asset, on which the contractors of the Mayor’s Office intend to build a Northeast Traffic Artery. The conflict is accompanied by rallies and sometimes even a physical confrontation between activists and the police. A number of offenses have also been revealed, and they are varying from administrative to potentially criminal ones. Residents...

Corruption and property redistribution in Crimea

In response to the events after the Euromaidan in Crimea a change of power has taken place: under the auspices of Russia a referendum was held in Crimea, according to results of which the Republic has decided to become a part of the Russian Federation. Soon after the euphoria of reunification subsided, it became apparent that corruption has not disappeared on the peninsula, but acquired outlandish specificity under Russian influence. The redistribution of property is also taking place, tidbits and...

What’s new on the «Eastern»: who and why are being condemned on the largest construction project in the country?

The very first carrier rocket launching from the «Eastern» spaceport was planned for 25th of December 2015. However, the construction was not finished in time and Vladimir Putin postponed the date of the first launching to 25th of April 2016, so all facilities would be finished. By that time, more than one ten of criminal cases concerning crimes connected with the spaceport construction had accrued. How it all began and what did it led to? On the 6 th of November 2007 Dmitriy Medvedev signed a...

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